Fluke Quick Clean™ Fiber Cleaner Solution

Connector Type QuickClean-1.25 QuickClean-2.5 NFC-KIT-CASE-E NFC-KIT-CASE* NFC-KIT-BOX**
Total Number of Cleans per SKU 2500 2500 3000 2150 620 260

*Note 1: NFC-KIT-CASE includes cleaning cube, 10 cleaning cards, solvent pen, and 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm cleaning swabs.

**Note 2: NFC-KIT-BOX includes cleaning cube with 5 cleaning cards, solvent pen, and 2.5 mm cleaning swabs.

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QuickClean-1.25, QuickClean-2.5, NFC-KIT-CASE-E, NFC-KIT-CASE, NFC-KIT-BOX

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1 Pack, 5 Pack

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Product Overview: Fluke Quick Clean™ Fiber Cleaner Solution

The Fluke Quick Clean Cleaners are a family of mechanical cleaning tools designed to clean fiber optic connector end faces on patch cables, within adapters or patch panels. These Fluke Quick Clean Cleaners are molded with an antistatic material and use a novel dry cleaning strand that gently sweeps and removes harmful contaminants from the connector without damaging the connector end face. These tools are particularly effective at removing contaminants during fiber optic installation that include:

Road Dust (ISO 12103-1)
Skin Oil Residue
Salt Water Residue
Alcohol Residue
Vegetable Residue
Graphite Dryer Lint
Hand Lotion
Distilled Water Residue
Fluke Networks Quick Cleaners
Quick Clean Cleaner Tools – 2.5 mm, 1.25 mm and MPO

Quick Clean 1.25 mm Cleaner
and 2.5 mm Cleaner

The Quick Clean 1.25 mm Cleaner is designed to clean LC, LC secure keyed and MU connectors while the Quick Clean 2.5 mm Cleaner is used to clean SC, ST, FC and E2000 connectors with either UPC or APC polished ferrules. Unlike traditional swab cleaners that rely on the technique of the user, the Quick Clean Cleaners provide consistent cleaning every time. The user can easily engage the cleaner using a simple push motion and the user will hear a “click” sound when the process is completed.

Fluke Quick Clean Features:

Simple pushing motion to engage tool
Audible CLICK to alert the user when tool is fully engaged
Clean over 525 end faces per unit
Tip extender to 208 mm for hard to reach connectors
Crush resistant to over 250N
Impact resistant to survive drops over 1.5m


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