Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

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Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

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Product Overview: Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

Product Overview:

Ensuring Your Safety with the Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer The Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer is a reliable solution for accurately and safely troubleshooting energized and de-energized wires in residential, commercial, and industrial environments, offering CAT IV 600 V protection. This high CAT rating provides unparalleled safety, safeguarding against dangerous transient overvoltage and spikes of up to 8,000 V that can occur in industrial and utility settings. This feature is especially crucial in critical environments like industrial plants, factories, and hospitals, where uninterrupted equipment operation is paramount.

Tailored Wire Tracing for Your Specific Needs Whether you are working on electrical wiring and equipment in residential homes, commercial buildings, or high-voltage utility plants, the Fluke 2052 is designed to detect breaks, opens, and shorts. Its versatile modes and functions allow you to troubleshoot a wide range of electrical wiring and circuitry issues encountered in your work.

Four Receiver Tracing Modes The 2052-R Receiver employs two methods for detecting signals in wires and cables. It offers passive tracing for non-contact voltage detection without the transmitter, as well as active tracing with the transmitter for all other modes. The receiver’s tip sensor is capable of tracing wires in corners, tight spaces, and junction boxes.

  • “Quick Scan” mode: Enables energized wire detection and visualizes it on the large color LCD display.
  • “Precision” mode: Provides more precise wire detection capabilities.
  • “Breaker” mode: Facilitates easy identification of breakers and fuses based on the highest recorded signal detected from the transmitter.
  • “Non-Contact Voltage Detection” mode: Allows tracing of energized wires without the need for the transmitter.

Three Transmitter Power Modes The 2000-T Transmitter is suitable for energized and de-energized circuits up to CAT IV 600 V and offers three power modes: high, low, and loop. These modes adjust the strength of the induced signal and help achieve more accurate results depending on the circuit being traced.

  • “High” mode: Ideal for normal energized and de-energized circuits.
  • “Low” mode: Enables precision tracing by emitting a low signal to minimize interference from nearby wires and metal objects.
  • “Loop” mode: Designed for closed loop de-energized circuits.

Two Transmitter Output Frequencies The 2000-T automatically detects whether the system is energized or de-energized and selects the appropriate output frequency between 6 kHz and 33 kHz.

Eight Receiver Sensitivity Levels With eight sensitivity levels, the Fluke 2052 provides enhanced flexibility and accuracy during the wire tracing process.

Complete Kit The Fluke 2052 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit includes all the necessary components to begin wire and circuit tracing conveniently. The accessory kit consists of test leads, test probes, blade and round outlet adapters, and alligator clips for connecting the transmitter to electrical systems. For the most accurate results, it is recommended to connect the transmitter directly to a bare conductor using the provided alligator clips and test leads. However, in situations where a direct connection to a bare conductor is not possible, the included i400 Current Clamp can be used in conjunction with the “Loop” mode to induce a boosted 6 kHz signal through the insulation. The kit also includes batteries and a durable carrying case for easy transportation.