AEMC 6424 Ground Resistance Tester

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AEMC 6424 Ground Resistance Tester

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Product Overview: AEMC 6424 Ground Resistance Tester

The Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 6424 provides effortless 2pole and 3pole ground resistance measurement. This direct reading tester is autoranging and intuitive simply connect the leads, press the button to measure, and receive a clear reading on the large LCD display. The tester also indicates low battery status, overrange, and lead reversals. This unit is powered by 6 x AA rechargeable NIMH batteries, and optional current probe (Model MN72) allows it to measure voltage up to 600V AC/DC and AC current up to 60A. Additionally, the Model 6424 is available in complete Kits (150ft and 300ft).

Range 0.1-600VAC/DC
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy ±(1%R + 1ct)
Range 0.5-60.00AAC (requires optional MN72 probe)
Ground Resistance (2P Mode)
Measurement Range 0.05-99.99Ω 80.0-999.9Ω 0.800-9.999kΩ 8.00-50.00kΩ
Resolution 0.01Ω 0.1Ω
Intrinsic Uncertainty ± (2%R + 10 ct) ± (2%R + 2 ct) ±(2%R + 1 ct) ±(2%R + 1 ct)
Ground Resistance (3P Mode)
Measurement Range 0.50-99.99Ω 80.00-999.99Ω 0.800-9.999kΩ 8.00-50.000kΩ
Resolution 0.01Ω 0.1Ω 10Ω
Intrinsic Uncertainty ± (1%R + 10ct) ± (1%R + 2ct) ± (1%R + 1ct)
Measurement Frequency 128Hz or 256Hz (automatically selected)
No-load Voltage ±10 V peak
Maximum Test Current 20mA
Measurement Mode One shot or continuous
Data Storage Stores the 52%, 62% and 72% 3P resistance measurements
Calculation Calculates average and % deviation of the three saved readings
Display Backlit LCD
Measurement Mode V, I, 2P (Ω), 3P (Ω)
Power Supply (6) NiMH rechargeable batteries,charging time approx. 6 hrs
Battery Life >1,500 x 3P earth measurements at 100 Ω
Dimensions 8.78 x 4.96 x 2.75″ (223 x 126 x 70mm)
Safety Ratings EMC: IEC 61326-1; IEC 61010-2-030 / 600 V CAT IV