ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set

ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Product Overview: ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set

ETI PI-6000 is a versatile and technologically advanced primary injection test set capable of testing circuit breakers up to 6000 amperes frame size. It incorporates an output transformer with dual primaries to facilitate its use on power sources of 480 VAC as well as 240 and 208 VAC, and dual secondaries to provide optimal impedance matching to a wide range of breaker sizes. An internal voltage sensor automatically configures the AC control power section to be energized only when properly configured for the applied voltage.

ETI PI-6000 is constructed in a rugged steel enclosure with removable sides and top for easy access to internal components. The sides are clear of protruding components, and full-width handles with provisions for lifting hooks are on both ends. Locking swivel castors on all four corners provide ease of mobility. The entire test set has been designed for reliability, ruggedness, and ease of use.

This test set will test low-voltage molded-case and metal-clad AC circuit breakers from various manufacturers. The test set can also be used on high current applications like ratio transformers and heat runs. Using SCR’s, the PI-6000 eliminates closing time errors. Initiation at the zero crossover point eliminates DC offset in the current waveform and results in accurate, repeatable test results even with short-duration currents for high-speed solid state or electro-mechanical trip devices.


·         Input: 208-240 or 480 VAC +/- 10% ( Switch Selectable)

·         Test up to 6000 Amp Circuit Breakers

·         Digital Memory Ammeter Controller MAC-21

·         Programmable Output Phase Angle with SCR Controller

·         Motorized Vernier with Manual Override for Fast Adjustment

·         Regulate Current Hold Feature for Long Time Testing

·         Preset ON Times For Convenient Jogging of Output Currents

·         Rugged Solid Copper Universal & Horizontal 1/2” and 3/4” Output Stabs

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