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Electrom Instruments iTIG Winding Analyzer

Electrom Instruments iTIG Surge Tester

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The iTIG is a complete ‘all in one’ Winding Analyzer. Its main function is that of an insulation tester designed to safely detect weak or unstable insulation at voltages far below what the apparatus being tested is designed to withstand.

iTIG Advantages:

  • MORE SENSITIVE AND ACCURATE FAULT DETECTION: Most surge testers have one surge generator or channel. This means one winding is tested and compared to a stored winding test. The Electrom iTIG uses two independent surge generators operating simultaneously to compare two windings or coils. This produces a live comparison with a higher voltage gradient between the two phases under test, thus simulating what motors are subject to during operation. Comparing two live waveforms makes it easier to see faults that might go undetected using only one live channel.

  • FINDS FAULTS AT LOWER TEST VOLTAGES: Ionization of the air surrounding the windings is necessary for detection of insulation weaknesses in a surge test. The iTIG generates line frequency Surge Pulse Rates (50 or 60Hz). This produces and maintains sufficient ionization around fault locations at lower test voltages than instruments with lower pulse rates, such as commonly used 5Hz units.

  • PREVENTS DETECTED FAULTS FROM WORSENING: Voltage is the equivalent of pressure causing currents of electrons to flow. Voltage (pressure) is necessary to detect weaknesses (current leaks) in the insulation of rotating equipment. Leakage current (the flow of electrons crossing a fault) should be kept as small as possible to prevent further deterioration of the insulation. The current is a function of the discharge capacitance of the instrument. The higher the capacitance the higher the current. The iTIG’s discharge capacitance is very low at 0.02uF (20nF) per channel.


    • Computer-controlled oscilloscope functions with color LCD display.
    • Large displays of test and output voltage, resistance (Megohms) and leakage current
    • Easier to use than previous instruments with multiple report printing options.

  • ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED NOW, UPGRADE LATER: The iTIG is upgradeable in the field from a basic non-reporting winding analyzer to one with unlimited data storage and full reporting capability through simple software upgrades.

  • PORTABLE ALL IN ONE INSTRUMENT: All tests, including the AC Rotor Bar test, are done with one instrument, no extras. Optional accessories fit in the cover of the rugged moisture-proof case which is designed for harsh environments.

  • BUILT IN SAFETY FEATURES: Improper power line ground and polarity prevents the iTIG from powering up. Limits on leakage current prevent insulation damage and shuts the test down.


All models can perform all of the following tests:

Electrom - iTIG Case

  • Megohm (resistance) Tests
  • Hipot Tests
  • Surge Tests
  • Rotor Bar Tests (Open or cracked AC Rotors)
  • Step Voltage Tests
  • Dielectric Absorption Tests
  • Polarization Index Tests
  • Armature Tests (DC Rotors)
  • Form Coil Tests

The instruments are sold worldwide to companies in a vast range of industries, to electric motor repair shops, manufacturers of electric motors, generators and transformers, to utilities and various processing and manufacturing plants.

iTIG Models:

iTIG A: Basic Winding Analyzer with no storage or reporting capability

iTIG B: Stores one Surge Test wave form pair, can produce print screens and Excel test reports

iTIG C: Same as B but stores 10 test sets (Megohm, Hipot and Surge test results)

iTIG D: Stores unlimited amounts of customer, motor and test data. Comes with Capture Pro database and reporting software.



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