Class 0 Electrical Gloves by Salisbury

Salisbury class 0 standard electrical rubber gloves are available in standard color black, or in contrasting two-color combinations which makes inspecting for cuts and tears easier.

Gloves are tested prior to shipment.


11in (279mm), 14in (356mm)


Black, Yellow, Yellow (black inside), Red, Blue, Orange (blue inside)


7, 8, 8H, 9, 9H, 10, 10H, 11, 12


Product Overview: Class 0 Electrical Gloves by Salisbury

Salisbury class 0 electrical gloves are available in both 11 and 14 inch. Colors include black, red, yellow, blue and orange. The orange gloves have a blue interior which can make visual inspections for cuts and tears easier. The red and black rubber gloves are made from Type I natural rubber. The blue and blue (orange inside) gloves are made from Type II SALCOR.


Class 0 Electrical Gloves

Max Use Voltage: 1,000 AC / 1,500 DC (When worn with leather protectors)

Proof Test Voltage: 5,000 AC / 20,000 DC

Label Color: Red


All class 0 electrical rubber gloves are tested and date stamped by our NAIL accredited lab prior to shipment.


To measure glove size: Measure the circumference around your palm. Allow for additional room if fabric glove liners are to be worn, especially with thermal liners.