RAE Systems Hand Pump with Accessory Kit


RAE Systems Piston Hand Pump for Gas Detection Stain Tubes. Purchase / view all RAE Gas Detection Stain Tubes

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Product Overview: RAE Systems Hand Pump with Accessory Kit

RAE Systems’ Hand Pump is for use with RAE Gas Detection Tubes. The Hand Pump, along with the Tubes, offers quick, on-the-spot measurements of many gases and vapors at low cost without the need for calibration.

RAE Systems’ large selection of colorimetric gas detection tubes enables quick, on-the-spot measurement of many gases and vapors. The one-time-use tubes are easy to read, with a sharp, clear color change, and provide accuracy with no need for calibration.

Gas detection tubes operate by chemical reaction between the vapor-phase compound and a liquid or solid detecting reagent, which is supported on an inert matrix.

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RAE Systems Hand Pump Key Features:

Solid metal construction with RAE Systems’ exclusive lifetime warranty
Springless piston design for accurate 50 and 100 cc volumes
Tube tip breaker and glass tip holder
Clear end-of-flow indicator
Tapered inlet design avoids leaks with different diameter tubes
Simple stroke counter
Additional accessories include remote sampling hoses with 15′ (5 m) or 35′ (11 m) lengths

The RAE systems Piston Hand Pump is a small, simple gas-analysis device. Simply draw a fixed volume of air and analyze it with a colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes. Air reacts to chemicals within these tubes, producing a quantitative color change to indicate gas levels.

  • Hand-powered pump for use with colorimetric tubes
  • Fits wide range of tubes
  • Solid metal construction
  • Draws fixed volume of gas – either 50 ml or 100 ml samples
  • Built-in counter keeps track of number of strokes
  • Can be used with multiple layers of gloves