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Chandler 5-1 Dead Weight Tester

Chandler Dead Weight Tester


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Deadweight testers are the basic primary standard for the accurate measurement of pressure. Chandler testers are used to measure the pressure exerted by a gas or liquid and can also generate a test pressure for the calibration of pressure gauges, electronic pressure calibrators, transducers, transmitters, recorders, etc. no other device can match the stability, repeatability and accuracy of the deadweight tester.


  • Accurate – 0.05% of indicated pressure, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

  • Reliable – hardened stainless steel pistons and corrosion resistant materials.

  • Screw Pump – allows for fine pressure adjustments.

  • Gas or Liquid pressure measurements


  • Maximum Pressure: 20000 (PSI)

  • Minimum Pressure: 100 (PSI)

  • 1 PSI interval

  • Brass

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