BuckIt™ Restraint System

Restraint System

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Product Overview: BuckIt™ Restraint System


Buckingham has developed a bucket restraint system to address the concern of the OSHA compliance officers allowing a full body harness and 6 foot lanyard to fall from the basket and hit an object below. This unit keeps the user secure in the bucket, while allowing freedom to move and work. In the event of a flash, the BuckIt™ restraint system allows the user to duck to the inside of the bucket for safety.

System Concept:
• A 10,000 lb. rated nylon strap attached, with a ratchet buckle and cotter pin that places the anchor point at the basket.
• Two attachment points that attach to the workers’s harness that prevent the worker(s) from falling or being catapulted from the basket while still allowing freedom of movement .
In addition, an energy absorber is attached between the Buckit™ Restraint strap and the anchor point on the boom. This unique feature will keep the operator, the basket and the boom from hitting the ground in the event of a catastrophic separation of the bucket from the boom.
Should the webbing around the basket be severed, the attachment back to the anchor is independent of the webbing around the basket.