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Product Overview: 9100 C Portable Vibration Calibrator

Model 9100C Portable Vibration Calibration System

Produce NIST traceable vibration sensor calibration reports that comply with ISO 17025 / A2LA requirements using the Model 9100C Portable Vibration Calibration System. The 9100C is designed to calibrate most vibration sensors in a bandwidth from 10 Hz to 10 kHz using a Fluke digital multimeter to measure the signal from the unit under test. The K9100C allows you to create a calibration certificate by entering data into the supplied Visual Basic macro for Microsoft Excel.

In contrast to more elaborate laboratory style systems, the Model 9100C is portable, making it ideal for testing in the field or at a customer’s site. The self-contained 9100C calibrator unit is equipped with it’s own rechargeable power source, which makes the system an excellent choice for any fieldwork where power is not available. An external charger/power supply provides charging and operational current when used in the lab.

The Portable Vibration Calibration System allows the user maximum flexibility when adjusting frequency ranges (10 Hz – 10 kHz) and amplitude settings (Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement). The LCD readout of the shaker amplitude and frequency can either be displayed in English or Metric units. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test readings, an integrated NIST traceable reference accelerometer is included in the 9100C.  Due to a unique suspension, the Model 9100C can support sensors that weigh up to 500 grams without the aid of an external support mechanism.

Model 9105C Transfer Standard allows for calibration and system verification of the 9100C Portable Vibration Calibrator in the field.  It includes a transfer standard reference accelerometer and ICP® sensor signal conditioner for calibration and verification of the system without having to send it to the factory for calibration.

K9100C Portable Vibration Calibrator Kit
In addition to the Model 9100C, the K9100C includes a Fluke DMM, appropriate cabling, and the MS Excel Visual Basic macro for report generation. The only items required for calibration are user supplied signal conditioning and sensors.

  • Easily perform NIST traceable calibrations over a wide frequency and amplitude range with reliable instruments from TMS and Fluke.
  • Quickly generate calibration certificates by entering calibration data in Visual Basic macro for Microsoft Excel.
  • Flexible calibration of acceleration, velocity or displacement sensors in either English or metric units.

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