Hydraulic and Pneumatic Torque Calibration

JM Test Systems is now able to repair and calibrate Hydraulic and Pneumatic/Electric torque wrenches in house thanks to our recently acquired AKO Torque Calibration System.   

This industry-leading standard uses AKO’s TorqCal PRO Software, a hydraulic pump with precision regulator, pressure transducer measuring input pressure, and torque transducer measuring output torque for accurate, consistent calibrations up to 20,000 ft/lbs.   

Proper bolt torque is imperative in many industries such as oil and gas refining, wind turbine, aviation, and automotive repair. Imprecise torque calibrations could cause the incorrect amount of torque to be applied a critical bolt, resulting in possible joint failure. It could also lead to internal damage of the wrench.  Often, internal seal leaks are undetectable until a wrench is properly tested in lab.  These leaks can go unnoticed until a failure is caused while the unit is in service in the field, causing project stoppage and lost revenue.  Let JM Test Systems ensure that your hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrench is in it’s peak working condition and keeping your next project safe and on schedule.

We also offer mobile hydraulic and pneumatic torque calibration at your site through our Onsite division.  This means a quality job with near zero turnaround time for your equipment, and eliminating the need for transporting or shipping your tools, meaning less opportunity for damage and delays.

Brands including:

  • RAD
  • Power-Dyne     
  • Hytorc 
  • Enerpac
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Wren
  • Alltite

For more information see our Torque Calibration page here.