Glove Testing FAQ

Glove Testing FAQ with JM Test Systems

Q: How frequently are gloves supposed to be tested?

A: If the pair of gloves are new, and have never been tested before, they must be tested within 12 months of being put into service, for the first time. Once the pair of gloves have been tested for the first time, whether they have been used or not, they are required to be tested every 6 months.

Q: Does JM’s testing meet OSHA 1910.137; and, can you all provide documentation stating that you all meet this requirement?

A: Yes. OSHA 1910.137 mandates ASTM F496-08, Standard Specification for In-Service Care of Insulating Gloves and Sleeves. (ref. OSHA 1910.137(c)(2)(ix)) as the testing standard necessary to be met, for in-service testing of gloves. JM Test Systems recognizes ASTM F496 as the appropriate standard to dictate out testing process. Printed or digital copies of test reports and provided with every pair of gloves tested, with this ASTM standard described on the report itself. This provides our customers with the proper documentation to prove their equipment is within compliance with OSHA regulations.

Q: Can you all put specific ID #’s on my equipment?

A: Yes. Stamping specific ID #’s, or employee names, is part of the service that we provide. All we have to do is be made aware of these requests upon submitting your equipment to us. On our “Equipment Submission Form”, there is a place for you to detail any specific ID numbers you would like to have stamped on your equipment. Filling this out will notify our technicians of any specifics you would like stamped on your equipment.

If you already have an ID list that you go by, to identify equipment issued out to your employees, we would much rather receive a copy of this list to better meet your needs. You can submit this list by either printing it out and sending it in with your equipment; or, by submitting a digital version to our customer representatives. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you before stamping is performed.

Q: Will you stamp a “Retest Date”/ “Due for Testing Date” on my equipment, if requested?

A: Yes. Specific stamping requests such as these are part of the service we provide. All you have to do is notify us beforehand of any specifics you would like stamped on your equipment, and we will accommodate those requests.

Q: If any of my equipment fails testing, will I receive the equipment back?

Unless you let us know beforehand that you do not want any failed equipment returned to you, we will always return out customers equipment to them. Whether the equipment passed testing, or failed, it is still your property, and will be returned to you.

Q: If any of my equipment fails testing, will it be marked some way to let me know that it failed?

Yes. Our standard procedure is to encircle where the failure was found and mark the glove with “X” in permanent marker. We then cut the glove with scissors, thus signifying the piece of equipment shall not be used by any by any individual. If you do not wish to have any of these actions performed to your equipment, simply let us know at the time of submitting your equipment.

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