Digital Voltage Phasing Meter Part 1 – Potential Testing, URD Cable Testing

high voltage phasing sticks 6702

0-40KV Digital Volt Meter for Phasing Circuits

The Hastings 6702 Digital Voltage Phasing Meter consists of high voltage resistors encapsulated inside two fiberglass housings. These resistors are connected together with a coiled cord. A digital display is attached to one of the encapsulated resistor housings. Attach each encapsulated resistor to a hot stick of appropriate length for the voltages to be tested.

Measures overhead and underground voltages, Potential Testing and URD Cable Testing. Circuit Potential Testing – The digital high voltage meter can be used for measuring high voltage on cable. This includes phase to phase and phase to ground 0-40 KV.   Voltages up to 240 KV can be obtained in 40 KV increments with add on resistors Cat. No. 6703.


  • Auto self-test and battery voltage level check during startup.
  • Large digital display with backlight on/off function.
  • Three modes of operation are available: AC, Hi-Pot, and DC.
  • Maximum value of voltage range is displayed.
  • High quality rugged extruded aluminum enclosure.
  • Automatic shut-off activates after 10 mins of non-use
  • Coiled, self-retracting cable is 16in retracted and 10ft when fully extended.

Extended Voltage Ranges for Phasing Meters
May be used on higher voltages with additional pairs of extension resistors. These extension resistors MUST be used in pairs to increase the voltage range. The multiplying factors and ranges are as follows.

high voltage phasing sticks


DC Hipot Adapter

The DC HiPot adapter is an encapsulated high voltage rectifier for use on the phase tell meters 6702 & 6706. When used in conjunction with the phase tell it will enable the operator to perform the following tests on systems up to and including 35KV phase to phase:

1. Test sections of underground cable to determine the integrity of insulation, i.e., failed cables.
2. Determine if all grounds have been removed after completion of working on a de-energized underground system.

The HiPot adapter housing is fiberglass, 13” in length. A bell shaped female end allows it to be coupled to the end of the phase tell after the conductor hook is removed. The appropriate URD bushing adapter can then be installed on the other end of the HiPot adapter.

high voltage phasing sticks

Watch the video to see more features of the Hastings 6702 Digital Voltage Phasing Meter

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