Vaetrix Gauges

“The Digital Deadweight”

JM Test Systems is happy to announce the acquisition of the Vaetrix gauge line. Unmatched performance, solid construction, accuracy and distinctive design all set these gauges apart from any other pressure gauge on the market. Contact us to learn more about how Vaetrix can improve your testing.

Greater portability, much faster and more convenient to use than a deadweight tester. The gauge is more durable and reliable than the most expensive mechanical pressure gauges manufactured to date.

Vaetrix gauges are used throughout the oil and gas industry, with a reputation for excellence and performance under the most difficult conditions.

Vaetrix initiated the use of high accuracy digital pressure gauges in the field environment with its first gauge in 1976 and has continued to pursue the edge of technology.

Vaetrix Gauge Plugs and Probes

The Vaetrix eGauge is the complete package – Certified NIST Traceable Pressure Standard, Accurate, Data Storage – Pressure & Temperature, Documentation/Record Generation – Pressure & Temperature

Compared to Mechanical Test Gauges

Accuracy is not affected by over-pressure, temperate, shocks, or rapid increases or decrease of pressure.

Faster, accurate reading better visualization and no parallax errors. Vibration does not affect the life of the gauge.

Compared to Deadweight Testers

Significantly lighter for greater portability.

No local gravity correction required.

Automatic temperature correction.

No special skills required to use.

Less expensive to maintain & certify.

Compared to Digital Pressure Gauges

More robust design

Greater accuracy

Bluetooth enabled interface

Digital Pressure Gauge with Data Logger

The Vaetrix eGauge is a digital pressure gauge with data logger software. With the proper configuration it can take and record pressure, temperature, AND ambient temperature, making it an excellent Hydrostatic Testing solution! Contact us today to learn more about this digital pressure recorder gauge.

Vaetrix eGauge 1 Digital Pressure Gauge

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