VeEX FX150+ hand held mini OTDR

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Product Overview: VeEX FX150+ hand held mini OTDR

Opt for the FX150+ mini OTDR for either a Standard OTDR or a PON optimized OTDR experience. This cutting-edge device boasts an impressive capacity of up to 256,000 data points and a remarkable 3 cm resolution. These features collectively contribute to the FX150+ mini OTDR’s ability to deliver unparalleled precision in measuring, whether it’s for installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting tasks involving FTTx, Mobile FrontHaul/BackHaul, and Metro fiber networks.

Remarkably accurate, this compact and lightweight test set takes your measurement capabilities to the next level. Seamlessly integrating with power meter, light source, fiber inspection probe, and VFL test options, the FX150+ mini OTDR becomes an exceptionally versatile tool.

  • Robust, handheld design for demanding field test conditions
  • High resolution, 5” TFT color touch-screen suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Fast boot-up for fiber troubleshooting and restoration
  • Intuitive display, function keys and touch-screen for fast navigation and easy operation
  • Internal data storage
  • Micro-USB OTG interface for flash drives, fiber inspection probe connection and test data transfer
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with capacity indicator, low voltage alarm and Auto-off function
  • Continuous operation >9 hours without recharging batteries
  • Built-in WiFi option:
    • Perform software upgrades using Windows® PC
    • Upload test data to Fiberizer® Cloud via Internet connection
    • Connect wirelessly to Fiber Inspection Microscope
  • Built-in Bluetooth® option:
    • Pair with mobile devices/Windows® PC to transfer test results
    • Supports up to 4 wavelengths max MM or SM
      • MM: 850, 1300 nm
      • SM: 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 and 1650 nm
    • Dynamic range up to 45 dB
      • Testing long Point-Point fiber links up to 180 km (110 miles)
      • Testing single or cascaded PON up to 1:128 splitter ratios
    • Optimized dead zones (DZ) for FTTx/PON applications
      • Event 0.8 m, Attenuation 3.5 m typical
      • PON ≤16.5m (13 dB loss, 100ns PW, non-reflective splitter)
    • Filtered OTDR port for in-service testing at 1625 or 1650 nm
    • 12 fiber ribbon testing using optional OPX-MPO12 switch
    • Live fiber detection with embedded power meter
    • Telcordia SR-4731.sor file format
    • Generate and save results in sor, png or pdf formats
    • Auto mode – setup, events detection, and trace diagnostics
    • V-Scout option – Smart Link Mapping derived from multiple test acquisitions and displayed using intuitive icons
    • Markers for distance, attenuation, reflectance and splice loss measurements
    • Fixed or Universal interface option with interchangeable optical adapters (SC, ST, FC) for OTDR port
    • Power meter, light source, fiber inspection probe, and VFL
    • Remote measurement using, EZ Remote, VNC or built-in web based software


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