Vaetrix Digital Chart Recorder


All in one digital chart recorder – Design and software for Hydrostatic or Pneumatic Pressure Testing. Dedicated rugged and accurate gauge that can read pressure and (2) RTD temperature inputs!

Includes: Software, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Batteries, NIST Certificate with Data, and 4 Year Warranty

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Handheld, Extreme, Digital Chart Recorder

Pressure Range

-12 to 30 PSI, -12 to 100 PSI, -12 to 300 PSI, -12 to 500 PSI, 0 to 1000 PSI, 0 to 3000 PSI, 0 to 5000 PSI, 0 to 10000 PSI, 0 to 14500 PSI, 0 to 20000 PSI, 0 to 30000 PSI

Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth, None

RTD Inputs

1 RTD and Ambient Temperature, 2 RTDS


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Product Overview: Vaetrix Digital Chart Recorder

The Vaetrix Digital Chart Recorder is specifically designed for Hydrostatic and Pneumatic pressure testing. The menu interface and easy setup for datalogging makes it ideal for most users. Choose the RTD length(s) required for the application and you are set to go. Everything else is included at no charge (batteries, software, USB cable, carrying case, NIST Cert and Data). Of course, we are backing it with our 4 Year Warranty as well. Proudly developed and built in the USA based on customer feedback. You talk, we listen!

Choose your options and build the gauge for your application. Add (1) RTD and ambient temperature or (2) RTD’s to meet your testing requirements. Select Bluetooth for monitoring pressure using the free Vaetrix apps on Google Play or the Apple Store. The Hydro Management Software is included with every gauge. This lets you create full blown professional reports from the gauge and other equipment with the ability to add .pdf files.

See the Vaetrix RTD Probes here. 

We can create custom software to fit your needs. Read our blog here. 

Vaetrix Digital Chart Recorder Features:

  • All in one hydro test gauge – Dedicated design and software for Hydrostatic or Pneumatic Pressure Testing
  • 2 temperature/ 1 pressure
  • Replaces the need for a traditional chart recorder, Ashcroft gauges, and a deadweight tester
  • Customizable Hydrotest Software
  • Accuracy:
    • Pressure: ±0.05% Full Scale over  -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
    • Temperature: ±1°F/°C over operating range
    • RTD Temperature: ±1.0°F/°C over operating range
  • Backed with a four year warranty and unlimited customer support. We fully support our products right here in the USA. If you have any application or technical questions give us a call.
  • 1000+ hours of typical use on 3AA alkaline batteries
  • Software, USB cable, batteries, quick start guide, and carrying case included..just pick your RTD length and done
  • Easy to use menu interface and LOG indication on screen so you know data is being captured and saved to memory
  • Datalogging capability up to 32,000 readings with Hydro Data Management Software
  • View our Analog Pressure and Temperature Chart Recorder Comparison as well as a Sample Test Report.



Works with all ETG pressure products for graphing pressure & temperature. Digital pressure chart recorder. See our software quick start guide

Do you need an easy and cost effective way to monitor temperature and pressure for testing pipe or pressure vessels? Add ambient temperature monitoring to any ETG gauge and produce professional reports with the Hydro Data Management software. Ideal for most ASME B31.3 Process Pipe Testing that is typically done with analog gauges and hand written reports. Meet the testing and record requirements of CFR 49 Subpart J under 192.513 and 192.517 for Transportation of Natural and Other Gas By Pipeline. Replace several analog gauges and chart recorders with one ETG to save on maintenance and calibration costs. Monitor Min, Max, and Live pressure on your phone with the Remote Gauge app while recording data. Even perform a leak test while recording data to troubleshoot or soap the connections and welds. 

Create secure files with date and time stamp directly into an Adobe .pdf file. Upload the results from the gauge with a standard USB cable. Save time, money, and create professional reports by eliminating the need to work in Word, Excel, or other programs to piece things together. This includes the ability to add files from other sources to create one report. Pick and choose the order in which the pages appear. Print the file and have the test witness sign off on the hard the copy record for paperwork compliance. 

Key Features

  • Add job information and data is stored for later reference

  • Add files to the report and arrange in any order

  • Create test windows to pinpoint testing conditions

  • Add testing notes to the graph to reflect actual conditions

  • Set and monitor high and low pressure with alarms in accordance with test criteria

  • View data points or raw data points

  • Sign-off page created with ability to enter technicians

  • Create and save tamper-proof .pdf files

  • All files contain a unique ID number when printed for tracking purposes

  • Cover sheet, notes, and sign-off sheet created with each report

  • Store up to 32,000 records or 200 sessions in the gauge with temperature

We can create custom software to fit your needs. Read our blog here. 


Historically, in residential gas service testing, technicians were required to perform pressure integrity tests at the main distribution line as well as at the residential service line itself. While the main line tests could last 4-8 hours, the service tests at the residence may only last 10 minutes and typically do not require temperature records. Technicians were manually recording the start pressure, waiting 10 minutes, then manually recording the end pressure to document their test for inspectors. How did they accomplish documenting this test in a quantifiable way with a time stamp? CELL PHONE PICTURES! They took a picture of the gauge pressure at the start with a time stamp, and then a picture after 10 minutes with the end pressure and a time stamp. They then uploaded the pictures in their final report for visual proof.
THE PROBLEMS: (1) Remembering to check the gauge at exactly 10 minutes from the start time in order for the test to be valid; (2) No record or proof of any leakage between the 10-minute time period unless watching the gauge the entire test. (3) No physical document for proof of the test being properly performed, heavy reliance on cell phone pictures, times and word of technician – no data points. Read more about Timed Test Mode here. 


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