ThermoProbe TL2 Digital Thermometer

ThermoProbe TL2 2-channel precision bench top thermometer

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Calibration, inspection, cleaning, and/or repair may be available for this item.

Product Overview: ThermoProbe TL2 Digital Thermometer



The TL2 is a 2-channel precision bench top thermometer offering a higher level of metrology accuracy in a very affordable package. The TL2 is a complete NIST traceable system that is ready to use, right out of the box. Based on successful TL1-R technology, the TL2 has been developed for laboratory applications demanding high precision reference thermometry with the added versatility of 2 channel measurement. To fully realize the benefits of 2 channel measurement, the TL2 provides data logging capabilities with the convenience of PC or USB flash drive interface. The ergonomic design and large display make the TL2 ideally suited for use as a calibration reference thermometer and for recording temperature-time based data.

The TL2 calibration software creates custom coefficients for Callendar Van Dusen or ITS-90 curves using the reference points and TL2 readings. It then loads the coefficients to the TL2 and creates a report for each channel.

Standard 5-point Calibration Report, Nominal Points -20°, 0°, 49°, 93°, and 150°C. Report is also available in equivalent °F temperatures



ThermoProbe TL2 Digital Thermometer Calibration

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Calibration, inspection, cleaning, and/or repair may be available for the ThermoProbe TL2 Digital Thermometer. Click to inquire about our calibration or other services.