Salisbury 2756 Flexible Insulated Jumper Cable

Flexible Insulated Jumper Cable

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Product Overview: Salisbury 2756 Flexible Insulated Jumper Cable

Salisbury 2756 Flexible Insulated Jumper Cables are lightweight and resistant to oil, heat, moisture, ozone and abrasion. The cable is embossed every three feet with conductor size and kV rating.

All jumper cables use fine stranded conductor and a new EPR low temperature Unipass orange CV cured jacket. The fine stranded copper conductor is alloy coated and assembled in a unidirectional rope lay for extra flexibility. The conductor has a semiconducting shield surrounding it to relieve voltage stress and improve dielectric strength and service life.

Cable meets requirements of ASTM F2321.

Salisbury 2756 Features:

  • Size and Str. AWG: 2/0-427W
  • kV Rating Ø to Ø: 15
  •  Nominal Ø to Grd: 10
  • Str. Dia: .456”
  • OA Dia.: . 90”
  • Max Continuous Amps: 300
  • Weight per 1000 ft: 710 lbs (322 kgs)

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