RAE Systems UltraRAE Spot-Check Monitor

Spot-Check Monitor

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Product Overview: RAE Systems UltraRAE Spot-Check Monitor

Interchangeable RAE-SepTM Filter Tubes

Key Features

  The only compound specific monitor with combination of interchangeable separation tubes and PID
  3-10 times faster analysis compared to conventional tube or portable gas chromatograph methods: Results obtained in seconds (less than 75 seconds) rather than minutes; detects benzene down to 0.1 ppm in 60 seconds
  Built-in Bar Code Reader allows easy switching between total VOCs and benzene-specific measurements
  3,000 point datalogging storage capacity for data download to PC compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP
  Excellent range and linearity: Good down to 0.1 ppm and up to over 200 ppm benzene (no more GC column overload problems); more accurate than gas detection tubes
  Internal pump allows you to sample deep (up to 30ft or 10m) into a confined space; prevents liquid flow into the monitor and warns if sample tubing is blocked or crimped
  Inexpensive analysis using low cost RAE-SepTM tubes in place of gas detection tubes
  Cheaper than portable GC and no annual factory calibration
  Large keys are operable even with 3 layers of gloves
  Large easy-to-read back light display that is alarm-, darkness-, or manually-activated
  Optional vibration alarm
  Snap-in rechargeable or alkaline battery pack provides 10 hours of operation with smart battery charging



  Transportation industry – tankers, railways, aircraft, and barges
  Rubber manufacturers

Methylene Chloride

  Paint strippers in industries from airlines to furniture refinishers to ship building
  Solvents for cleaning chemical tanks
  Solvents in the manufacture of plastics, flexible foams, sealants and photographic film stock
  Adhesives in the assembly of plastic parts


  Polymers industries
  Manufacturers of plastics, resin, and rubber


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