PowerSight PS3550 Power Analyzer

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Product Overview: PowerSight PS3550 Power Analyzer

The PowerSight PS3550 Power Analyzer is a true three-phase hand-held power analyzer with all of the features and accessories you’ll need to succeed in your power monitoring project. It’s perfect for field work because of its ergonomic contoured case, durable construction, and small scale. It also has exclusive features and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else because it’s part of the PowerSight “Start-To-Finish Monitoring Solution”. Save time, eliminate errors and achieve success.

PowerSight PS3550 Power Analyzer

Monitor just about any power system or load in the world:

  • 3 phase delta/wye, 4 wire delta, open/grounded delta, 2CT/2PT – 3CT/2PT – 3CT/3PT metering circuits, split-phase, single phase, multiple single phase, and of course DC.
  • Select any of 72 different measurement types for regular recording of Voltage (V), Current (A), Power (KW), Apparent Power (KVA), True Power Factor (PF), Frequency (Hz), and THD.
  • Many other measurements available on the screen (such as elapsed & projected cost and KWH, peak demand period, duty cycle, “on” time, DPF, phase angle, individual harmonics…)
  • Reports can also include peak demand period and magnitude (both KWH and KVA), estimated and elapsed cost, & average KVAR with graphs and starting waveforms.
  • Summaries of the average, maximum, and minimum of each value, as well as the present values can be viewed on the analyzer’s display at any time.
  • All measurements and the initial automatic capture of waveforms can be viewed and analyzed in our PSM-A software.

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