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PCal Software for Semi-automated Calibrations and Asset Management

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Product Overview: PCal Software


Additel’s new 9506 PCal software is a great tool that will improve the efficiency of pressure calibrations. Additel/PCal software communicates directly with Additel’s 681 and 672 reference gauges to semi-automated calibrations. The calibration wizard provides an easy-to-use and intuitive step-by-step process to set up and run calibrations. With the built-in asset manager, Additel/PCal allows you to track assets, store calibration results, store information for reference standards and schedule calibrations. All customer data and information is stored in the asset manager and linked to the Unit Under Test (UUT). Calibration reports can be completely customizable. Additel/PCal also allows for the use of other manufacturer’s reference standards where applicable.  



·        Semi-automated calibrations

·        Collect as found and as left results

·        Create and customize certificates of calibration

·        Asset management for customer information and customer’s UUTs

·        Automatically take readings from Additel 681 and 672 reference gauges

·        Create and store calibration procedures

·        Easy-to-use and very intuitive