Mitutoyo Integrated Solutions Quality Data Management with MeasurLink

Mitutoyo Integrated Solutions Quality Data Management with MeasurLink

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Product Overview: Mitutoyo Integrated Solutions Quality Data Management with MeasurLink

Most of Mitutoyo’s electronic instruments can output data via optional connecting cables or wireless transmitters & receivers in the form of the Digimatic code. The Digimatic code can also be converted into RS-232C format by any of several available gage multiplexers. In this way, digital data can be sent to PCs for data acquisition and advanced statistical analysis. As a client/server application, MeasurLink gives you the performance you need through distributed processing. Combined with a multi- user relational database, MeasurLink® delivers a safe and organized data warehousing system making quality data available for viewing and analysis by any member of the production, engineering, and managerial staff throughout your company. Inspection in the factory produces data for analysis, corrective action, and various reporting needs. As the backbone of your quality efforts, MeasurLink® is guaranteed to reduce your production costs and increase your bottom line.

Scalable Network:

MeasurLink® is capable of linking and managing multiple “islands” of inspection into a common database of part information, statistical data, gage information, processes, etc. Information is shared across an entire manufacturing facility.

MeasurLink 7 System Requirements

·         Database Management System (DBMS) Requirements

·         MeasurLink 7 ships with a copy of Microsoft® SQL Server Express Edition 2008 R2, this can be for a standalone or a workgroup installation. MeasurLink 7 also supports Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 all editions or newer.

Operating System Requirements

All MeasurLink 7 products are supported on the following Microsoft® Windows Operating System versions:

·         All Windows®XP SP3 versions

·         All Windows® Vista SP2 versions

·         All Windows® 7 versions

·         All Windows® 8 versions

·         Both 32bit and 64bit operating systems supported