Mitutoyo 7011BN Magnetic Stand w/ fine adj

Mitutoyo 7011BN Magnetic Stand w/ fine adj

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Product Overview: Mitutoyo 7011BN Magnetic Stand w/ fine adj


Series 7, Universal Articulating Magnetic Stands for probes and indicators with the announcement of two new sized models. In addition to the already popular 7033B magnetic stand, Mitutoyo America will now offer two, smaller, more compact options. All models offer high quality articulating rods and handle locks with 8 adjustable locations to ensure, flexible, rapid and secure positioning. Other features include:

·         A quick-release on/off clamping switch

·         A magnetic clamping force of 600N (7031B – 300N) to ensure instrument security and stability

·         Highly durable locking mechanisms

·         A holding stem with 3/8”, ø6.0mm, ø8.0mm and dovetail positions for secure fixturing of various probes and indicators

Technical Data:

·         Applicable holding stem dia.: ø6mm, ø8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”)

·         Clamping Fprce: 600N