Mitutoyo 329-350-10 Depth Micrometer 0-6inch Digimatic

Mitutoyo 329-350-10 Depth Micrometer 0-6inch Digimatic

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Product Overview: Mitutoyo 329-350-10 Depth Micrometer 0-6inch Digimatic




·  Ø4mm interchangeable rods, with lapped measuring end, provide a wide measuring range.

·  The rod length can be adjusted in 25mm or 1in increments.

·  With ratchet stop for constant force.

·  With measuring rod clamp.

·  With SPC output.

·  With digit counter.

·  Supplied in fitted plastic case


Technical Data:


·         Accuracy: ±.00012in±3µmfor micrometer head feed

±[.00008 + (.00004xR/3)]in R= max. measuring length (inch) ±(2+L/75)µmfor interchangeable rod, L=Max. measuring length (mm)

·         Resolution*: 0.001mm or .00005’/0.001mm

·         Graduation**: 0.01mm or .001in

·         Flatness of reference face: .00005in for 2.5in/1.3µmfor 63.5mm width base, .00008¡± for 4in/2µm for 101.6mm width base

·         Flatness of measuring rod face: 0.3µm

·         Parallelism between reference face and measuring rod face: [.00016 + (.00004 x R/2]in R=max. measuring range (inch) (4+L/50)µm, L=Max. measuring length (mm) Measuring rod diameter: .157in/4mm

·         Range: 0-6in 0-152.4mm

·         Base Size: 4x63in

·         Rod Qty: 6 rods

·         Display*: LCD

·         Battery*: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882

·         Battery life*: Approx. 1.2 years under normal use


Function of Digital Model:


·         Origin-set, Zero-setting, Data hold, Data output, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models)

·         Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error Function Lock

·         2 Presets