Metrix 5485C Velocity Sensor

Metrix 5485C Velocity Sensor

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Calibration, inspection, cleaning, and/or repair may be available for this item.

Product Overview: Metrix 5485C Velocity Sensor

Metrix 5485C Velocity Sensor

The Metrix 5485C is a moving-coil velocity transducer that can withstand temperatures as high as 375°C. A zero-friction coil suspension delivers precise, reproducible vibration readings across a wide range of amplitude and frequency, and it’s designed to endure the high-g conditions and cross-axis vibrations that gas turbines are known for. Two non-twisting, circular spider springs suspend the coil bobbin, providing a crisp frequency response. To minimize friction-prone air damping and improve detection of small vibration amplitudes at low frequencies, pure viscous electromagnetic damping is used.

The sensor is supplied with an internal armored cable or a removable armored cable through a 2-pin MIL-style threaded connector in two different configurations. The case is made of stainless steel, and its sturdy internals are hermetically sealed to ensure durability in the harshest conditions. Without the use of intrinsic safety barriers, the product is certified for use in Zone 2 / Div 2 hazardous environments. With the deployment of an adequate intrinsic safety barrier, it can also be used in Zone 0/1 and Div. 1 regions.

Metrix 5485C FEATURES
• Native velocity output – handles impulsive signals better than integrated accelerometers
• Designed for elevated temperatures up to 375°C
• Self-generating, no power required
• Stainless steel housing
• Eliminates friction-prone air damping
• Analog performance delivers excellent resolution
• Approved for use in hazardous areas
• Available with integral or removable cable

• Gas Turbines
• Furnace Fans
• Machines with continuous or intermittent surface temperatures above 120°C


Metrix 5485C Velocity Sensor Calibration

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