Meriam M400 Precision Handheld manometer

Meriam M400 Precision Handheld Calibrator and Datalogger


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Product Overview: Meriam M400 Precision Handheld manometer

M4 Series Handhelds

M400 Single Pressure Sensor, CE Mark
Handheld Pressure and mA Calibrator / Data Logger

Meriam’s NEW M4 Series Handheld Precision Calibrator / Data Logger boasts an impressive array of features, functions and a terrific accuracy specification! The M400 includes one pressure sensor and one mA/V instrument. Chose from differential, gauge, compound or absolute pressure types and ranges from 10′ H2O to 3000 PSIG full scale. Need two ranges for wider utility? No problem!


View our video below for a demonstration of the Meriam M400 Precision Handheld Calibration/Datalogger.




The M402 can be configured with any two compound or absolute type sensors. See the table below for all the possibilities. Accuracy is ±0.025% of Reading from 10 to 100% of range and ±0.002% of Full Scale below 10% of range. Accuracy is maintained over operating temperatures from -20º to +50º C (-4º to +122º F). Data Logging is standard on all models.

All M4 Series handhelds provide convenient electrical signal measurement and sourcing. Measure ±50V or ±100mA, source 24VDC and measure mA, sink V or mA, or source precise VDC or mA DC values using the supplied test leads. Accuracy is ±(0.015% of Reading + 0.002 units) over the entire operating temperature range. Source or sink values are easily entered using the Adaptive Interface Wheel.


Operating: -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)

Storage: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)



Pressure: 1∕8′ NPT (female)

Electrical: Standard banana jacks on ¾’ centers Firmware updates, data retrieval: USB mini-B (female)



Portable service: Four (4) AA alkaline batteries provides 30+ hours of continuous measurement service

Operation with PC: Power over USB using USB type A to mini-B cable (requires high power 500 mA port)



128 x 128 pixel (2′ x 2′ viewable) monochrome display with backlight



Sealed membrane keypad with molded dome switches and integrated Adaptive Interface Wheel



8.5′ L x 3.75′ W (max.) x 2.25′ D (max.), polycarbonate case, Softflex® over-molded bumpers, IP40



M400 single sensor: 1.5 – 1.8 lbs, M402 dual sensor: 1.8 lbs


Firmware Features:

Sensor Zero, Sensor Damping, Averaging (pending), Minimum/Maximum capture, Tare (pending), Units Select, Data Logging, Data Logging Record Indicator, Selectable Off Timer, Selectable Backlight Timer, Adjustable Contrast, Adjustable Backlight Brightness, Battery Monitor



Data Logging:

Standard on all M4 models. Select Data Logging from the Setup key menu and then enter the desired Interval and Duration parameters using the keypad controls. For M400 single pressure sensor units, pressure, VDC and mA DC values are saved to the SD card at each interval. M402 dual pressure sensor units log both pressure values plus VDC and mA DC values.

The supplied SD card is located under the battery compartment cover. Data can be moved to a host PC using the supplied USB cable and PC utility or by inserting the SD card in a compatible PC to copy the desired files. The M4 handhelds and SD card supports 100 data files.



DC voltage and Current Measurement:

Connections to transmitters or transducers under test are made using the 1/8′ banana jacks located in the lower end of the handheld. Alternatively, these jacks can provide temporary 24V DC power and measure loop current simultaneously. Sourcing DC volts and current is also a standard feature. Use the Sensor key to highlight the sensor desired and then use the Setup key to select the desired function. The Adaptive Interface Wheel is used to set precise values or configure step or ramp sourcing programs (step and ramp are pending) to test receiving devices.




Available Pressure Ranges:

Specify ZM400 for Single Sensor or ZM402 for Dual Sensors. NOTE: DN, DI and GI sensor types are  excluded from ZM402.



ZM400-DN0415 = M400 handheld, differential pressure sensor range 0 – 415′ H2O

ZM400-CI0030-CI1000 = M400 handheld, dual compound pressure sensors, 0 – 30 and 0 – 1000 PSIG



Available Pressure Ranges
Wetted Parts
Differential, Non-isolated
0010, 0028, 0200, 0415, 2000 H20
Brass, 316L SS, Silicon
Differential, Isolated
0001, 0005, 0015, 0030, 0100, 0300, 0500 PSID
316L SS, Viton
Gauge, Isolated
0015, 0030, 0050, 0100, 0300, 0500, 1000, 3000 PSIG
316L SS
Compound, Isolated
-14.7 to 0015, 0030, 0050, 0100, 0300, 0500, 1000, 3000 PSIG
316L SS
Absolute, Isolated
0017, 0038, 0100, 1000 PSIA
316L SS

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