Megger TPT420 Voltage Tester

Megger TPT420 Voltage Tester

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Product Overview: Megger TPT420 Voltage Tester

Megger TPT420 Voltage Tester

The Megger TPT420 voltage tester is designed to provide an easy to use voltage indicating method for electricians and electrical engineers. And when the batteries are depleted, the meter can continue to alert the user of harmful test voltages.

The TPT420 offers both AC and DC voltage measurement for both LCD and LED displays – from 12 to 1000 V AC and up to 1500 V DC. In addition, a continuity feature within the range 0 to 500 kΩ, is included and an acoustic sounder is also accompanied for added protection, continuity and voltage measurements.

When operating in poorly lit areas, a bright, integrated LED torch helps the user. The TPT420 is designed to operate below the tripping threshold of these devices while testing between phase and ground on any circuit covered by an RCD, RCBO and Safety Breaker to help prevent accidental disconnection.

The phase rotation indication test has been simplified, which now prevents any 2 pole testers from crossing the test probes they have adopted. A single pole voltage indication test can also be performed by the TPT420.

With safety in mind, the TPT420 is rated at CAT IV 1000 V with an IP64 housing and conforms to the latest IEC/EN 61243-3 and DIN VDE 0682-401 standards.

For compliance, GS38 probe tip shrouds are provided as standard, along with a protective storage and carry pouch.

Although designed for testing within electrical installations, the unit can be used in almost any application where voltage and continuity measurements are required, including automotive, fire alarm & solar/PV systems.


  • CAT IV/ 1000 V
  • IP64 Rated
  • AC/DC Voltage Tester
  • 12…1000 V AC
  • 12…1500 V DC
  • LED and LCD Display
  • Continuity test function with visual and acoustic indication
  • Voltage indication with no batteries
  • Single pole voltage test
  • Phase rotation indication
  • Integrated torch light

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Megger TPT420 Voltage Tester Calibration

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