Megger BITE5 Battery Tester

Megger BITE5 Battery Tester

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Product Overview: Megger BITE5 Battery Tester

Megger BITE5 Battery Tester

Lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and NiCD batteries will all be tested by the BITE5. Temperature, impedance, and battery voltage will all be measured and recorded. On the device’s touch screen, the captured data can be trended. View the data that has been trended for each test or view the data for each cell. Set impedance and voltage limits for pass, warning, and fail. Take note of the ripple voltage, ripple current, and float current, then upload the recorded data to the Power DB program via USB or an SD card to produce customized reports and automatic analysis.

The BITE5 can measure impedances on cells up to 200Vdc. Save time by measuring entire banks of cells instead individual cells. Measure lithium ion battery packs.

Additionally, the BITE5 supports discharge testing. All through the discharge cycle, it will measure the voltage and current. During the discharge cycle, the BITE5 may additionally gauge temperature and impedance. Throughout the entire discharge test, it is able to record each cell’s voltage, DC current, impedance, and temperature. At the conclusion of the commissioning test, take an average impedance reading and use it as a ceiling for subsequent impedance tests. On the BITE5 touch screen, you can view trended data for each test or you can trend the discharge of each cell. Create custom reports by transferring the recorded data to Power DB through USB or SD card.

More than simply batteries can be utilized with the BITE5. On a branch of solar panels, gauge and note the output. Combiner DC voltages should be measured and recorded. Inverter input and output should also be measured.

  • Measures impedance on cells up to 200 V
  • Supports battery discharge testing
  • Supports lead acid, NiCD and lithium-ion
  • Measures DC voltages up to 1000 V
  • Measures AC voltages up to 600 V
  • Touch screen set-up and trending
  • USB and micro SD card
  • Measures AC and DC current

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