Megger 210415 15000V

15 kV Megohmmeter

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Product Overview: Megger 210415 15000V

Megger 210415 15000V

Megger 210415 15000V Features:


  • Continuously variable test voltage
  • Tugged field construction
  • Circuit-breaker protection
  • Provides 2% kV and MΩ accuracy guard terminal to eliminate surface leakage current from the measurement
  • Zero-start, high-voltage interlock
  • Shielded, high-voltage output cable permanently connected to the instrument
  • Redundant grounding connections
  • Easy-to-follow, color-coded meter scales
  • Analog meters

The 5- and 15-kV Megohmmeters are high-voltage, line-operated instruments. They provide a continuously variable test voltage for highly sensitive insulation-resistance measurements of all types of electrical equipment and power cable.

The instruments are designed to withstand harsh field conditions, and feature tough, impact-resistance casing, removable lids and adjustable carrying straps. For complete portability, there is ample room in each case to store cables and the instruction manual.

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