MADI DV-1 Deviner Vine Removal Utility tool

MADI DV-1 Deviner The Vine Removal Utility tool

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Product Overview: MADI DV-1 Deviner Vine Removal Utility tool


MADI has introduced the DEVINER, a vine removal utility tool that offers a quick and efficient way to safely remove vines and other vegetation away from power lines. Vines and other vegetation can cause serious power outages and service interruptions.

The DEVINER is constructed of fiberglass reinforced nylon for maximum strength and safety and has an aluminum base for a strong secure fit. This tool is lightweight, non-conductive, corrosion resistant, and works with ALL universal tool fittings found on hot sticks.

In addition to removing vines, it also works great for hooking tag lines, breaking ice, removing tree limbs, clearing vegetation at the pole base of a transmission tower, fishing down wires from trees and removing vacant bird nest debris.

Every First Responder & Line Crew needs one!