IMI 687A01 Handheld Vibration Meter Kit

IMI 687A01 Handheld Vibration Meter Kit

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Product Overview: IMI 687A01 Handheld Vibration Meter Kit

IMI 687A01 Handheld Vibration Meter Kit


The Model 687A01 Handheld Vibration Meter Kit consists of a digital vibration meter, all-purpose accelerometer, accelerometer cable assembly, magnet, and headphones. The package is intended for all-purpose, comprehensive vibration readings on various machine types. Be sure to observe the following accessories as you unpack the kit:

  • 687A02 Meter
  • 603C01 Industrial Accelerometer
  • 050BQ006AC Cable Assembly
  • 080A131 Magnetic Mounting Base
  • 070A47 Headphones

Both overall acceleration and overall velocity are measured by the IMI 687A01 Vibration Meter. The velocity mode of the meter, which complies with ISO2954 standard, measures frequencies in the range of 10 Hz to 1 kHz. The largest RMS velocity it can measure is two inches per second. The meter measures in the 50 Hz to 50 kHz frequency range while it is in acceleration mode. The highest recorded RMS acceleration value is 20 g’s. Use the “ACC/VEL” rocker switch to switch between measurements of acceleration and velocity. Move the “0/I/Bias” rocker switch to the “I” position to turn the device on. The bias position is a temporary toggle used to check the sensor’s bias voltage, and the “0” position turns the unit off.

Three input connectors are provided by the meter, and they are situated at the top of the device. The sensor’s input, which is marked SENSOR, is a common BNC Jack. The 1/8 inch stereo jack (labeled with the proper symbol) can be used to connect headphones, while the input for the recharger (labeled CHARGE) is a 2.5 mm connector.

The battery compartment is at the bottom of the meter and houses a 9-volt alkaline battery, which powers the device. Use a small common screwdriver to pry up the lid and then push it up toward the top of the meter to remove it. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECHARGE ALKALINE BATTERIES.  IT MAY CAUSE A POTENTIAL FIRE AND/OR EXPLOSION.

The LCD front panel display of the device features a low battery indicator. When the battery voltage reaches about 7.5 volts, the indicator will turn on. Please change the battery or recharge the supplied rechargeable battery.


Sensor – Model 603C01: The sensor included with the package is a Model 603C01 general-purpose industrial accelerometer. For information on how to operate the sensor properly, please see the accompanying specifications on the 603C01.

Headphones – Model 070A47: The stereo headphones have built-in, independent volume controls. On the side of the cuffs are the volume controls. To ensure audio safety, please keep volume at a manageable level.

Magnetic Mounting Base – Model 080A131: Both curved and flat surfaces can be used with the provided magnet. Always dab a coating of silicone grease or its equivalent between the sensor and the magnet to maximize frequency responsiveness. The right surface preparation should be followed to reduce reading error as much as possible. For more details, consult the sensor’s handbook.

Cable Assembly – Model 05BQ006AC: A right-angle military connection and a BNC plug are located on either end of the 6 foot long, coiled cable that is included with the cable assembly. Make sure the military connector is hand tight before screwing it onto the sensor. The BNC plug is then placed into the sensor’s BNC jack on the meter.



Electrical Characteristics

Excitation Voltage (± VDC) 24 VDC
Excitation Current (±0.6 mA) 2 mA
Frequency Resonse:
               Velocity (+10%, -20%) 600 – 60000 cpm
               Acceleration (±3dB) 3000 – 3000000 cpm
Acceleration Range 0.01 – 19.99 g rms
Velocity Range 0.001 – 1.999 in/sec rms
DC Bias Range 0.00 – 19.99 VDC
Accelerometer Sensitivity (±20%) 100 mV/g
Meter Resolution ±2 counts
Accuracy ±3%
Battery Life (alkaline) 10 hours
Battery Life (rechargeable) 3 hours

Environmental Characteristics

Temperature Range:
                Accelerometer -65 to +250 °F
                Meter +32 to +122 °F

Mechanical Characteristics:

Complete Kit:
            Size (L x W x H) 15 x 11 x 4.375 in
            Weight 3.90 lbs
            Size (Hex x Height) 11/16 x 1.65 in
            Weight 1.8 oz
            Mounting Threat (female) 1/4-28 UNF
            Size (L x W x H) 5.9 x 3.15 x 1.2 in
           Weight (with battery) 0.569 lbs
            Input BNC Jack
           Headphones 1/8″ Stereo Jack

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