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IFR Refurbished AM / FM 500 & 500A

Refurbished Communication Service Monitor


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IFR FM/AM-500 & 500A


The FM/AM-500A is a service monitor that gives you the performance, field portability and durability you need in a value-priced and compact package.  Since its introduction the FM/AM-500A has earned a loyal following among wireless testing professionals.  It is an incredibly rugged and field-proven communication test set.


Typical applications include FM/AM testing, conventional two-way radio test, SSB testing and basic communications systems tests.


Standard Features:


  • AM and FM Signal Generator
  • 2uV receiver for AM, FM and SSB
  • 10Hz to 9999.9Hz variable audio generator and audio frequency error meter
  • 1kHz audio generator
  • Frequency error meter with 1 Hz resolution
  • Peak/Average watt meter
  • Deviation measurement to 60KHz
  • Sinad / Distortion Meter
  • 0.2 PPM TXCO
  • Microphone input
  • Audio demodulator output


Refurbished to mfg’s specifications, 7 day RoR, 90 warranty, units are sold on a first come first serve basis

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