Honeywell Versatilis Configurator

Honeywell Versatilis Configurator

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Product Overview: Honeywell Versatilis Configurator

Honeywell Versatilis Configurator overcomes the shortcomings of custom-built handheld communicators and improves the user experience and efficiencies of field technicians and engineers.

Honeywell Versatilis is next generation handheld platform for configuring, calibrating, monitoring, and diagnosing universal HART, Modbus*, and Honeywell DE devices and for provisioning and troubleshooting of ISA100 Wireless and WirelessHART devices. It also provides a secure and open platform for other applications.

  • Intrinsically safe and certified for hazardous location use
  • State-of-the-art intrinsically safe tablet, contemporary smart App for configuration and diagnostics
  • Safe and easy operations as devices can be securely communicated with from a distance
  • Single solution for HART, Modbus*, DE and Wireless devices
  • Universal solution – works seamlessly with any vendor device
  • Advance IAMS features such as Offline Configuration & History
  • Preloaded DD files / packages and easy, free upgrades on the fly as a user function
  • Commercial off the shelf batteries for the communication interface
  • Convenient and bundled accessories
  • Open platform for other secure productivity and mobility applications from any vendor.

How Does It Work?

Versatilis platform can be used to provision ISA100 & WirelessHART devices through different means

  • Requires “AndroidProvDev” app supplied with WDM R321 onwards
  • Support for Windows10 coming in future
  • Support for BLE provisioning for SmartLine Wireless coming in future

Versatilis Advanced Comm Interface

The modem has the similar form factor of an Apple TV box. There’s a simple toggle button to switch between the protocols depending upon the model you order with a glowing LED indicating the selection. The modem can be powered with three AA rechargeable off the shelf batteries. Complete charge provides an operating time of 40 hours which is good for a week and we supply two sets of batteries with a separate charger. There is an intuitive RGB pattern LED for low battery, power and Bluetooth communications .

User Interface and Mobility Device

The tablets come in Windows and Android choices. These certified products have highly responsive capacitive multi touch screens. With extendable storage in hundreds of GBs and up to 2 Terra Bytes, your devices will never run out of space anymore. All the options come with front and back cameras, contemporary Bluetooth and WiFi communications and also various ports and sensors which make them a potent utility platform for various applications at your site.

The Application

The App supports Online & offline configuration, diagnostics, simulation and management or Device description files and even FDI device packages. Settings pertain to some App related configurations and Documentation provides self-help videos and tutorials.When you Tap on Online Configuration, you are presented with the Scan & Connect screen to view available modems. Once you have configured your choice of protocol, you tap on to Connect to device.

What problems they solve?

  • 30% less time to complete tasks with a larger display
  • 80% faster navigation through menus
  • Basic configuration in under 30 seconds
  • Configures devices from a safe distance
  • A single tool for multiple protocols
  • Up to 60% lower cost of additional units (interfaces compared with a full handheld)

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Honeywell Versatilis Configurator Calibration

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