Hipotronics OC60-DI 60kV Digital Liquid Dielectric Tester

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Product Overview: Hipotronics OC60-DI 60kV Digital Liquid Dielectric Tester

60kV Digital Liquid Dielectric Tester

The OC60P-DI Liquid Dielectric Tester, featuring a built-in printer, offers precise and dependable assessment of the dielectric strength of insulating liquids utilized across a broad spectrum of electrical equipment. Its robust, lightweight, and portable construction ensures long-lasting and trouble-free functionality, whether in field or laboratory settings.

This model is engineered to adhere to testing standards from around the globe, with available test cells for ASTM D877, ASTM D1816, and IEC 156 protocols. Users can opt for pre-programmed standards in basic mode or tailor their own tests using custom mode. An integrated digital kilovoltmeter automatically logs the breakdown voltage for each test sample. Results from each test can be stored in the unit’s internal memory and easily transferred to a USB drive.



  • Robust, portable design
  • Fast Breakdown Detection (within 4µs)
  • Preprogrammed Test Standards
  • ±2% Breakdown Voltage Accuracy
  • Compatible with ASTM D877, ASTM DD1816, and IEC 156 testing
  • USB 2.0 data transfer
  • 7” color touch screen display
  • Secure magnetic interlock
  • Adjustable test parameters


  • Versatile compact design
  • Reliable operation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Battery-operated for field testing
  • Easy result sharing


  • Testing insulating liquids in various equipment.
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