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Hastings 7546 Super U with Large Hanging Loop

Hastings 7546 Super U with Large Hanging Loop


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The Super “U” Arm is designed with a profile “U” shape for greater strength and durability. The many features and benefits of the Super “U” Arm make it the best and most cost effective extension arm available for replacing conductors and insulators.

       All arms include insulated conductor holders to insure dielectric integrity. Arms are rated for 34.5KV phase-to-phase work applications.

       Arms with the standard conductor holder will accept conductors up to 1 1/16” O.D. or up to 800 MCM. • Arms with large capacity conductor holder, can accommodate a conductor inside a line hose. The gate latch on the large capacity holder has an opening of 2 5/8”.

       The Super “U” design is stronger than the traditional style round extension arms. All Super “U” Arms and Super “U” Conductor Supports have a load limit of 200 lbs. per wire holder.

       Interchangeable hanger loop kits are available for the different sizes of cross arms on your system.

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