Fuji Portaflow C Flowmeter

Fuji Portaflow C Portable Ultasonic Flowmeter

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Product Overview: Fuji Portaflow C Flowmeter

Fuji Portaflow C Portable Ultasonic Flowmeter


PORTAFLOW-C is a portable type ultrasonic flowmeter

utilizing the transit time measuring method, using a clampon

type detector.

It is a compact and lightweight instrument incorporating the

latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies,

realizing high performance and easy operation.


1. Compact and lightweight

The adoption of the latest electronics and digital

signal processing technologies has reduced the size

and weight of the flow transmitter by 30% and 30%,

respectively, in comparison with the Fuji conventional

portable flowmeter (Model FSC). (in comparison to

our existing model)

2. Battery operation

The flowmeter is designed for 12 hours of continuous

operation via built-in battery which is rechargeable

in 3 hours with the exclusive power adapter.

3. Full variety of detectors

The flowmeter is suitable for various types of detectors

applicable for small to large diameter pipe (pipe

inner diameter φ13 to φ6000mm) and low to high

temperature (−40 to +200°C).

4. High accuracy and high-speed response

The flowmeter is designed for high accuracy


Response time is within 1 second.

5. Improved anti-bubble characteristic

Anti-bubble characteristic is greatly improved by

digital signal processing.

6. Excellent performance and easy operation

Large graphic LCD that is outside but easy to read.

Minimum number of function keys are used for page

selection, allowing easy setting.

While battery is working, the flowmeter is water

resistant and tolerates exposure to rain.

7. Large capacity storage by SD memory card

Measured data is periodically stored in SD memory

card. For example, in the case of 256MB (option), it

can be saved about 1 year measurement date(In case

of saving period 30 seconds, 14 kinds of saved data).

Available up to 8MB.

8. Serial communication

Use of a USB port allows easy connection to a personal

computer. Measured date collection panel and

Loader software for PC (standard) which is available

for display and change of parameter (site setting) are


9. Heat quantity (calorie) measurement

Heat quantity (calorie) may be measured by temperature

input, making energy management easy for

cooling and heating.

10. Graphic printer connection (option)

Easy recording with the Integral type printer.

11. Flow velocity profile measurement (option)

Flow profile may be observed in real time.


Measuring objects

Measurement fluid:

Uniform liquid in which ultrasonic

waves can propagate.

Turbidity of fluid: 10000 mg/L or less

State of fluid: Well-developed turbulent or laminar

flow in a filled pipe.

Fluid temperature: −40 to +200°C

Measuring range: 0···±0.3 to ±32m/s

Piping conditions

Applicable piping material:

Select from carbon steel, stainless

steel, cast iron, PVC, FRP, copper,

aluminum, acrylic or material of known

sound velocity.

Pipe size: Flow rate measurement

f13 to f6000mm

Flow velocity profile measurement





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