Fluke 750P03 0 to 5 PSI Differential Pressure Module

The 750P Series Pressure Modules are the ideal pressure modules to enable gage, differential and absolute pressure measurement with Fluke 750 and 740 series DPCs and 725, 726 MPCs to measure pressure.

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Product Overview: Fluke 750P03 0 to 5 PSI Differential Pressure Module

Fluke 750P03 Features:

  • 0.025% reference uncertainty
  • 6-month and 1-year specifications
  • Temperature compensated 0°C to 50°C
  • Digital communication to calibrators, no analog losses or errors
  • Broad selection of ranges
  • Gage, differential, dual range, absolute and vacuum measurement models

Fluke 750P03Pressure Modules will turn your Fluke multifunction calibrator into a full-fledged pressure calibrator. These flexible modules not only work with multifunction calibrators like the 725, 726 or 750 Series Calibrators but also extend the measurement range of Fluke pressure calibrators. Since the pressure modules are calibrated independently, they can be swapped from one calibrator to another without a loss of accuracy or traceability.

Measuring pressure with Fluke 750P Series Pressure modules is as easy as connecting the module to a pressure source or hand pump, connecting the pressure module cable to the calibrator and then applying pressure from the pressure source. At the touch of a button the measured pressure is displayed digitally on the calibrator in up to 11 different engineering units quickly giving you the data you need. When used with the 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrators pressure readings can even be date/time stamped and stored in documented calibration records for later retrieval. This saves time, eliminates errors and supports compliance with quality standards and regulations.

A complete family of pressure modules

With over 50 pressure modules covering pressure calibration and measurement workloads from 1 inH20 to 10,000 psi (2.5 mBar to 690 bar) finding a model to meet the needs of your specific application is easier than ever. All modules include NPT, metric (BSP) and M20 adapters.

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