Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

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Fluke 1773, Fluke 1773/Basic, Fluke 1775, Fluke 1775/Basic, Fluke 1777, Fluke 1777/Basic


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Product Overview: Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

Power quality logging, troubleshooting, and analysis are simplified with the Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers. The 1770 Series is designed to make power quality investigations faster and easier. It features automatic measurements, a simple user interface and setup, best-in-class specs, and a simplified reporting platform. The instrument can also be powered directly from the measuring circuit, which eliminates the need for a power outlet or a long extension connection.

You’ll never miss a key power quality event with the 1770 Series, which includes fast transients up to 8 kV, harmonics up to 30 kHz, dips and swells, as well as voltage, current, and power measurements to describe your electrical system.

Whether you’re performing a quick system check or a detailed power quality study, consistent data is key. The Fluke 1770 Series offers a unique automatic measurement capture system that helps ensure you’re collecting the right data every time, while still giving you the flexibility to select and adjust specific parameters as needed. More than 500 power quality parameters are captured by default and the guided setup makes it easy to select the right parameters for the system you’re working on. Logged data is instantly viewable, downloadable, and shareable with Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software so you never need to wait to finish a session before reviewing results or analyzing data.

The Fluke 1770 Series are 2-in-1 devices that combine the troubleshooting functionality of a power quality meter with the robust analysis and logging capabilities of a standalone power quality analyzer—in a single, easy-to-use, handheld device.

The ‘PQ Meter’ function gives you immediate access to live onscreen data in the field so you can quickly identify potential problems while troubleshooting. The detailed ‘PQ Logging and Analysis’ function eliminates the complexity of performing power quality studies by guiding you through the setup process ensuring you’re capturing the right data every time. Couple these measurement modes with a unique measurement connection autocorrect function and you can be confident that you never need to worry about going back for a second measurement—even if you were unsure about what to look for when you started.

Fluke 1770 Series Power Quality Analyzers come standard with the powerful Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software, designed to eliminate the hassles found with other multi-purpose application software. Energy Analyze Plus helps you evaluate power quality data right out of the box and without extensive training.

Energy Analyze Plus makes downloading, analyzing, tracking, and reporting power quality and energy data easier than ever. Quickly compare results to historical values, benchmark against industry norms, compare measured data to local conditions, and create a more complete picture of what’s occurring across your facility, even as the data is still being collected. Energy Analyze Plus offers unified support for the Fluke 1730, 1740, and 1770 Series of Energy Loggers and Power Quality Analyzers.

  • “In-workshop” and “in-the-field” setup and download through PC application software
  • Simple data downloads using USB memory stick, WiFi, LTE, wired Ethernet, or USB cable
  • Analyze every measured detail of energy consumption and power quality state-of-health with automated reporting
  • One-touch reporting creates standardized reports conforming to standards like EN 50160, IEEE 519, GOST 33073 IEC 61000-2-2, or export data in PQDIF or NeQual compatible format or CSV for use with third-party software
  • Advanced analysis allows the user to choose any available logged parameter and create a highly customized view of measurements for advanced data correlation

Transients negatively impact otherwise healthy systems every day and their potential to damage your equipment can’t be underestimated. Whether your system is experiencing impulsive or oscillatory transients, the results can be devastating and cause problems ranging from insulation failures to total equipment failures. The Fluke 1775 and Fluke 1777 incorporate advanced transient capture technology to help you clearly identify high-speed voltage transients, so you have the data you need to stop them in their tracks. The Fluke 1775 Power Quality Analyzer has 1MHz sampling capability to capture fast transients, while the Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer has 20MHz sampling capability to capture the fastest transients in high detail.

The Fluke 1770 Series was designed to be safe and easy to use in any measurement environment. The 1770 Series allows you to capture a full range of power quality variables as well as high-speed waveforms, high-speed transients, and higher frequency harmonics, all of which are instantly viewable on the large, high-resolution screen. With a best-in-class CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V overvoltage rating, these analyzers can be used at the service entrance or downstream, measuring AC and DC inputs, and harmonics measuring up to 30 kHz. With the 1770 Series you can be confident that you’ll capture the data you need to make better maintenance decisions no matter the task.

The Fluke 1770 Series offers the best-in-class accuracy you’ve come to expect from a Fluke Power Quality Analyzer in a future IEC 61000-4-30 Class A edition 3 compliant package. On top of that, the 1770 Series has been engineered to meet the future requirements of Class A edition, for conformance to EN 50160 and IEEE 519, so you’ll be prepared to tackle tomorrow’s measurement requirements, today.

No two days in the field are the same. You need a power quality analyzer that can go where you go and do what you need it to when you get there. With a full range of accessories and built-in features the Fluke 1770 Series makes it easier to get your job done. The slim ergonomic design and integrated hand strap make it easy to hold and the included hanging kit makes it easy to secure your analyzer inside a cabinet. The integrated internal power supply allows the unit to be powered directly from the measured circuit, while a 90-minute battery helps ensure you can still access and review data even when you aren’t connected to a live system.

Quickly and easily transfer data to your PC using the USB C, USB A, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular network support options, depending on your requirements. With an internal GPS module and an optional double insulated antenna extension cable, for amplifying GPS signals indoors, you can easily time sync your data for more accurate troubleshooting and analysis.

When downloading data from the Fluke 1770 Series Power Quality Analyzers the included Energy Analyze Plus software package can compare measured voltage and current harmonic statistical data to different standards, like EN 50160 or IEEE 519, to determine if they exceed compliance limits. This powerful predictive maintenance feature enables current harmonics to be observed before distortion appears in the voltage allowing you to prevent unexpected failures or non-compliance situations and increase system uptime. With the proliferation of inverter-based loads and power generation, keeping current harmonics in check is becoming increasingly critical to ensure reliable power quality and avoid system downtime.

Specifications: Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers

Fluke 1770 Key features

Voltage inputs
Number of inputs 4 inputs, 3 phases and neutral referenced to PE (5 connectors)
Measurement category 1000 V CAT III / 600 V CAT IV
Maximum input voltage 1000 V rms / 1000 V dc (1700 Vpk)
Nominal voltage range Wye and single phase: variable (50 V – 1000 V)
Delta: Variable (100 V – 1000 V)
IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compliance for the nominal voltages (Vdin) 100 V – 690 V
Input impedance 10 MΩ between P-P and P-N, 5 MΩ between P-PE and N-PE
Bandwidth DC to 30 kHz for PQ measurements, excluding transients
Resolution 24-bit synchronous sampling
Sampling frequency 80 kS/s at 50/60 Hz
Scaling 1:1, variable for use of potential transformers
Voltage transients
Measurement range ±8 kV
Sampling rate 1775: 1 MS/s
1777: 1 MS/s, 20 MS/s
Bandwidth DC to 1 MHz
Trigger Adjustable trigger level. Triggers on high-frequency components > 1.5 kHz
Resolution 14-bit synchronous sampling
Current inputs
Number of inputs 4 inputs 3 phases and Neutral, range selected automatically to attached sensor
Range AC 1 A to 1500 A with i17XX-FLEX1500 12
1 A to 1500 A with i17XX-FLEX1500 24
3 A to 3000 A with i17XX-FLEX3000 24
6 A to 6000 A with i17XX-FLEX6000 36
40 mA to 40 A with clamp i40s-EL
4 A to 400 A with clamp i400s-EL
DC 20 A to 2000 A with 80i-2010-EL clamp
Bandwidth DC to 30 kHz
Resolution 24-bit synchronous sampling
Sampling frequency 80 kS/s at 50/60 Hz
Scaling 1:1, variable
Input voltage Clamp: 50 mV / 500 mV rms; CF 2.8
Rogowski Coil: 15 mV / 150 mV rms at 50 Hz, 18 mV / 180 mV rms at 60 Hz; CF 4
all at nominal probe range
Input impedance 11 kΩ
Aux inputs
Wired connection with 17XX-AUX adapter
Number of inputs 2
Input range Direct: 0 V dc to ± 10 V dc
0 V to 1000 V dc
Input impedance Direct: 2.92 MΩ
Scale factor Format: mx + b (gain and offset) user configurable
Displayed units User configurable (up to 8 characters, for example °C, psi, or m/s)
Data acquisition voltage and current
Input mains frequency DC, 50/60 Hz  15 % (42.5 Hz … 57.5 Hz, 51 Hz … 69 Hz)
Topologies 1-φ, 1-φ IT, Split phase, 3-φ delta, 3-φ wye IT, 3-φ Aron/Blondel (2 element delta), 3-φ delta open leg, 3-φ high leg delta
Data storage Fluke 1773/1775: 8 GB internal (expandable with microSD card)
Fluke 1777: 32 GB microSD card (installed)
Memory size Typical 10 logging sessions of 8 weeks with 1-minute intervals and 100 events.
The number of possible logging sessions and logging period depends on user requirements
Real time accuracy Internal: 3 ppm (0.26 s per day, 8 s per month)
NTP (internet time): Depending on internet latency, typical < 0.1 s absolute to UTC
GPS: < 1 ms absolute to UTC
Trend interval
Measured parameter See operator manual
Trend interval User selectable: 1 sec, 3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min
Averaging interval min/max values Voltage, Current: ½ cycle RMS (20 ms at 50 Hz, 16.7 ms at 60 Hz)
Aux, Power: 200 ms
Total harmonic distortion THD for voltage and current is calculated on 50 harmonics
Power quality measurements
Measured parameter See operator manual
Harmonics h0 … h50
% fund and RMS for voltage, current and power
Phase angles for voltage and current up to h11
Interharmonics ih0… ih50
% fund and RMS for voltage and current
Supraharmonics 2–9 kHz with 200 Hz bins
9–30 khz with 2 kHz bins
RMS for voltage and current
Harmonics measurement method Grouped, sub-grouped and single harmonic bins according to IEC 61000-4-7.
Method selected automatically based on configured PQ standard or user configurable.
Total harmonic distortion Calculated on up to 50 harmonics (depends on selected PQ standard)
Mains signaling 2 frequencies in the range from 110 Hz to 3000 Hz
Events Voltage Dip, swell, interruption, rapid voltage change, mains signaling, waveshape deviation, transients
Current Inrush current
Triggered recordings Half cycle RMS of voltage and current for 10 s
Waveform of voltage and current for 10/12 cycles
Mains signaling: 200 ms RMS of mains signaling voltage up to 120 s
Transients: Waveform of voltage
(Fluke 1777: 1 MS/s or 20 MS/s, 500,000 pts, Fluke 1775: 1 MS/s, 25,000 pts)
Standard compliance
Power IEEE 1459
Harmonics IEC 61000-4-7: Class 1
IEEE 519 (short time and very short time harmonics)
Flicker IEC 61000-4-15 Class F1
Power quality IEC 61000-4-30 Class A, IEC 62586 PQI-A-PI
Power quality compliance EN 50160 + GOST + NEQUAL + NETCODE + FOL
Ethernet 1 Gbit/s 1000BASE-T
USB type A USB 2.0 high speed for USB flash drives to transfer measurement data, firmware updates and license installation. Max. supply current: 500 mA
USB-C USB 2.0 high speed for data download to PC and calibration (requires USB type A to USB-C or USB-C to USB-C cable)
Auxiliary power supply for the Analyzer (requires USB C power adapter PD 2.0 or higher with 9 V 1.8 A support)
USB 3.0 super-speed for USB-C flash drives to transfer measurement data, firmware updates and license installation. Max. supply current: 900 mA
WiFi/BLE module1 802.11 ac 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, support for concurrent access point and client mode
Bluetooth 5.0/BLE
Antenna: Internal and external2
LTE/4G module3 LTE-A Cat 12
Worldwide LTE-A and UMTS/HSPA+ coverage
Antenna: External2
GPS MCX connector to attach a GNSS antenna for GPS/GLONASS2
1 Not in 177X/BASIC versions
2 Requires 5m extension cable, Fluke p/n 5263915
3 Availability and supported providers vary by country. Check with your local Fluke representative.

Electrical measurement accuracy

Parameter Range Resolution Intrinsic Accuracy at Reference Conditions
% of Reading + % of Full Scale
Voltage 1000 V 0.1 V 0.1 % of nominal voltage
in accordance with
IEC 61000-4-30 Class A1,2
±(0.04 % + 0.004 %)3
Voltage dips and swells 0.1 V 0.2 % of Vnom1,2
Voltage transients ±8 kVpk ±5 % +0.25 %)
Voltage harmonics/interharmonics 100 % 0.1 % / 0.1 mV ≥1 % Vnom1:  ±2.5 % of rdg.
<1 % Vnom1:  ±0.025 Vnom
THD on voltage 100 % 0.1 % / 0.1 V ±(2.5 % + 0.5 %)
Voltage distortions 2-9 kHz Max 100 V 0.1 mV ±(2.5 % + 0.1 V)
Voltage distortions 9-30 kHz Max 100 V 0.1 mV ±(2.5 % + 0.1 V)
(Rogowski clamp mode)
With iFlex 1500 A,
i17XX-FLEX1500 24
150 A
1500 A
0.01 %
0.1 A
±(1 % + 0.02 %)
With iFlex 3000 A,
i17XX-FLEX3000 24
300 A
3000 A
0.01 A
0.1 A
±(1 % + 0.03 %)
With iFlex 6000 A,
i17XX-FLEX6000 36
600 A
6000 A
0.1 A
1 A
±(1.5 % + 0.03 %)
With AC clamp 40 A,
4 A
40 A
0.001 A
0.01 A
±(0.7 % + 0.02 %)
With AC clamp 400 A,
40 A
400 A
0.01 A
0.1 A
±(2 % + 0.2 %)
±(0.7 % + 0.1 %)
With AC/DC clamp
2000 A, 80i-2010s-EL
200 A
2000 A
0.01 A
0.1 A
±(0.8 % + 0.2 %)
Current min/max 100 % defined by accessory x2 of intrinsic accuracy
Current harmonics/interharmonics 100 % 0.1 % / 0.01 A ≥3 % Inom:  ±2.5 % of rdg.4
<3 % Inom:  ±0.15 % of Inom
THD on current 100 % 0.1 % ±(2.5 % + 0.5 %)
Frequency 42.5 Hz … 69 Hz 0.001 Hz ±0.01 Hz
Voltage unbalance 100 % 0.1 % ±0.15 %
Current unbalance 100 % 0.1 % ±0.15 %
Flicker Pinst, Pst, Plt 0 to 20 0.01 5 %
Mains signaling voltage Up to 3 kHz
0-15 % of Vnom
0.1 V / 0.1 % 1-3 % Vnom: ±0.15 % of Vnom
3-15 % Vnom: ±5 % of rdg.
AUX input ±10 V 0.1 mV ±(0.2 % + 0.05 %)
1 Nominal voltage in the range of 100 V to 690 V. Also known as Udin.
2 0 °C to 45 °C: Intrinsic Accuracy x2. Outside of 0 °C to 45 °C: Intrinsic Accuracy x3
3 Only for calibration laboratories
4 With iFlex 1500A, I17XX-FLEX1500 24


Parameter Direct Input1 Clamp i40S-EL
Power range W, VA, var Clamp: 50 mV / 500 mV
Rogowski: 15 mV / 150 mV
4 A / 40 A
Clamp: 50 W / 500 W
Rogowski: 15 W / 150 W
4k W / 40 kW
Max. resolution W, VA, var 0.1 W 1 W / 10 W
Phase (voltage to current)1 ±0.2° ±1°
Parameter iFlex 1500A, I17XX-FLEX1500 24 iFlex 3000A, I17XX-FLEX3000 iFlex 6000A, I17XX-FLEX6000
Power range W, VA, var 150 A / 1500 A 300 A / 3000 A 600 A / 6000 A
150 kW / 1.5 MW 300 kW / 3 MW 600 kW / 6 MW
Max. resolution W, VA, var 0.1 kW / 1kW 1 kW /10 kW 1 kW / 10k W
Parameter I17XX-FLEX1500 24 I17XX-FLEX3000 I17XX-FLEX6000
Active power P PF ≥ 0.99 150 A / 1500 A 300 A / 3000 A 600/6000 A
1.2 % + 0.005 % 1.2 % + 0.0075 % 1.7 % + 0.0075 %
Active energy Ea 0.1 ≤ PF < 0.99 (1.2+√(1-PF2)/(2 PF)) % + 0.005 % (1.2+√(1-PF2)/(2 PF)) % + 0.0075 % (1.7+√(1-PF2)/(2 PF)) % + 0.0075 %
Apparent power S
Apparent energy Eap
0 ≤ PF ≤ 1 1.2 % + 0.005 % 1.2 % + 0.0075 % 1.7 % + 0.0075 %
Reactive power Q
Reactive energy Er
0 ≤ PF ≤ 1 2.5 % of measured apparent power/energy
Additional uncertainty
(% of power high range)
VP-N > 250 V 0.02 % 0.02 % 0.02 %
Phase (voltage to current) 0.28° 0.28° 0.28°
1 Nominal voltage in the range of 100 V to 690 V. Also known as Udin.

Reference ConditionsEnvironmental: 23 °C ±5 °C, instrument operating for at least 30 minutes, no external electrical/magnetic field, RH <65 %

Input conditions: Cos Φ/PF=1, Sinusoidal signal f=50/60 Hz, power supply 120 V/230 V ±10 %.

Current and power specifications: Input voltage >100V

Input current > 10 % of current range

Primary conductor of clamps or Rogowski coil in center position

Temperature coefficient: Add 0.1 x specified accuracy for each degree °C above 28 °C or below 18 °C

General specifications

Key features
Warranty Analyzer: 2 years (battery not included)
Accessories: 1 year (including battery)
Calibration cycle 2 years
Size (L X W X HD) 28.0 cm x 19.0 cm x 6.2 cm (11.0 in x 7.5 in x 2.4 in)
Weight 2.1 kg (4.6 lb)
Anti-theft protection Slot to support Kensington lock
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature range -10 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature range -20 °C to 60 °C
Operating humidity IEC 60721-3-3: 3K5, modified:
-10 °C to 30 °C: ≤95 %, no condensation or ice
35 °C: 70 %
40 °C: 55 %
50 °C: 35 %
IP Rating IEC 60529: IP50
Vibration IEC 60721-3-3 / 3M2
Power supply
Voltage range 100 V – 600 V -15 % / +10 % (85 V … 660 V)
Power consumption Max. 40 VA
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz (42.5 Hz … 69 Hz)
UPS Li-Ion battery BP1770 with extended temperature range, customer replaceable
On-battery runtime: 1.5 hours
General IEC 61010-1: Pollution Degree 2
Power supply Overvoltage Category IV 600 V
With Mains Adapter MA-C8: Overvoltage Category II 300 V
Measurement IEC 61010-2-030: CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
Altitudes 2000 m to 4000 m Derate to:
Power Supply: Category IV 300 V
With MA-C8 Adapter: Category II 150 V
Measurement: CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V, CAT II 1000 V

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