ETI PI-250 Portable Current Power Supply

ETI PI-250 Portable Current Power Supply

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Product Overview: ETI PI-250 Portable Current Power Supply

  • Portable Light Weight Current Voltage Supply
  • Motor Overload Testing
  • Ground Fault Testing
  • Motor Overload Testing
  • Circuit Breaker Testing


The PI-250 Portable Current Power Supply incorporates the flexibility to provide unequaled capability in a portable package. The PI-250 used alone, on 120 VAC supplies, generates continuous current of 250 amps with peak maximum output 750 amps through a breaker and 1000 amps into a short. The unit is housed in rugged metal case enclosure which weighs no more than 35 pounds, allowing one person easy mobility. Basic operation is very simple, and the proven instrumentation provides optimal output control and measurement. The PI-250 is a versatile and technologically advanced primary injection test set capable of testing circuit breakers, motor overload relays, and ground fault trip devices, magnetic, thermal or solid state. The test set can also be used on high current applications like ratio transformers, and heat runs.

The PI-250 features digital readout of current and time enhanced by digital signal processing. Automatic pulse (memory) mode provides fast and accurate evaluation of output current pulses as short as one half cycle. The PI-250 incorporates a PIC microcontroller with a precision A/D converter and special firmware for trueRMS continuous and pulse current reading with high accuracy. It also utilizes a sophisticated current sensing system for more reliable current latch mode operation and better timing accuracy. An  4 digit readout for current in eight ranges from 5.000 A to 1000 A full scale with automatic overrange detection reduces the chance of operator error. An integral autoranging timer display with four digits in seconds or cycles mode, with a resolution of 0.001 second or 0.1 cycle. The entire metering and control package is combined on a single PCB which can be removed and replaced very easily, for efficient maintenance and repair. The PI-250 provides four output taps which range from 0- 3.5 volts at 200 amps to 0-130 volts at 5 amps, continuous, and pulse output up to 5x. The convenient connectors for the heavy cables for high current, use heavy duty binding posts and the lower current outputs plugs which accommodate and smaller wires. The unit is housed in a rugged, lightweight aluminum case with a water-resistant seal, and a removable lid which has room for storage of power cord and output leads. The front panel is a durable plastic overlay which can be wiped clean easily and safely, and the tactile keypad provides long-lasting and reliable operation with positive operator feedback.


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