Estex WC-24-24 Collapsible Bucket Cover

Collapsible Bucket Cover

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Product Overview: Estex WC-24-24 Collapsible Bucket Cover

Estex WC-24-24 Collapsible Bucket Cover

Multiple sizes to fit YOUR aerial bucket
Estex WC-24-24 Collapsible Bucket Cover
The best of 3 bucket covers in one convenient product

Estex proudly presents the latest innovation in convenience and functionality for covering your Aerial Buckets. Our Patent-Pending Collapsible Bucket Covers combine the very best features of all covers currently available on the market. Rigid and sturdy like a hard cover, convenient and easy to store like a soft cover, and lightweight and economical like a foam-filled cover. This cover easily folds upon itself to fit into a bin or other tight space, while still including a rigid Polycomb Slate structure to prevent standing water on top of the bucket and provide lightweight durability. 1′ webbing strap and alligator clip cinches to hold cover to the bucket tightly. Cover attaches with a rope lanyard and brass swivel snap to prevent flyaway.

Size and weight varies.


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