Doble F2253 Relay Test Set

Doble F2253 single phase relay test set. Accuracy specifications include all errors contributed by variations in power line voltage, load regulation, stability, and temperature, up to full output power. Stable source operation in four quadrants: load power factor from 1 to 0, leading or lagging.

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Product Overview: Doble F2253 Relay Test Set




Doble F 2253

Performs integrity and application tests on complete protection schemes and individual relays.


Doble F2253 Power System Simulators reproduce phasor and logic signals and verify protection-scheme response, allowing you to run steady-state, dynamic-state, and optional transient simulation tests.


Doble F2253 simulators have two sources each, providing AC current or voltage sine waves or DC operation, switch-selectable.

  • Voltage sources provide up to 300 VAC / 400 VDC at 150 VA continuously; their AC transient power rating is 195 VA. The voltage source has one voltage amplifier module.
  • Current modules operate up to 30 A AC / 20 A DC at 150 VA continuously; their transient rating is 60 A AC and DC at 225 VA.


The model numbers of the simulators are F2251, F2252, and F2253. The last digit indicates the number of Active Source current amplifier modules. Adding current amplifier modules increases source VA and current ratings. F2252 and F2253 front-panel selection provides one voltage and one current source or two current sources. You can start with the F2251 and add plug-in amplifier modules in the field anytime.

  • The F2251 has one 150 VA voltage source and one current source. The current source has one 150 VA current amplifier module.
  • The F2252 has one 150 VA voltage source and two 150 VA current amplifier modules. Front-panel selection provides one 150 VA voltage and one 300 VA current, or two 150 VA currents.
  • The F2253 has one voltage source and three 150 VA current amplifier modules. Front-panel selection provides one 150 VA voltage and one 450 VA current, or one 150 VA current and one 300 VA current


All F2250 simulators have an integrated, six-digit, multimode timer, two logic/signal inputs, and two independent logic outputs. The timer provides event sensing and timing in cycles, seconds, or milliseconds. The timer starts, stops, or senses from internally initiated events and external signals. The logic/signal inputs drive the multimode timer; turn sources on or off; and initiate state changes in amplitude, phase, and frequency for control of dynamic-state tests. The logic outputs simulate power-system events like carrier receive and circuit breaker 52a/52b operation.


Features and Benefits

  • Select modular current power of 150, 300, or 450 VA, using field plug-in modules.
  • Convertible operation – select one voltage and one current or two currents, AC or DC.
  • Two logic outputs allow you to simulate circuit breaker, carrier, and scheme logic.
  • Two logic/signal inputs provide a choice of sense contact or voltage for timing, to trigger changes in test conditions.
  • Use the multi-mode timer for internal/external start and stop operations.
  • Run dynamic-state simulations using ProTesT software.
  • Run transient simulations using replay, relay, DFR, or EMPT records.
  • Intuitive front panel makes manual testing easy.
  • GPS satellite synchronization capability allows you to run end-to-end simulations.
  • Compatible with ProTesT software for improved productivity and quality in testing performance and assessing protection schemes.

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