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Cosa Instrument XPDM High-Speed Portable Dewpoint Meter

Cosa Instrument XPDM High-Speed Portable Dewpoint Meter


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  • Battery operated with auto shut off after 6 minutes
  • Portable, hand-held unit
  • Accurate spot-checks of moisture in gases can be made faster and easier than ever, over the range of -148°F to +68°F(-100°C to +20°C) dewpoint
  • All surfaces in contact with the sample are made from 316 stainless steel and are electropolished to assure rapid equilibrium with the sample
  • Sensor and piston slide through spring-loaded PTFE seals protecting the sample cell as well as the desiccant cartridge from intrusion of wet air or gas

  • Approved for use in hazardous (classified) areas Class 1, Div. 1, Groups A,B,C, &D.  Available as an option.


  • Input Resolution: 0.1°C dew point
  • Indicators: LCD with backlight, 3.5 digits and custom legends for units and mode, audio alert
  • Engineering units: °C,°F, PPM, lbs H2O/mm scf, g H20/m3
  • Controls: 5 push buttons, all settings stored in EEprom. Manual Sensor Actuator.
  • Outpurs: Optional 4/20mA or 0/24mA and RS-232.
  • Isolation: Sensor and case are isolated from the power supply , analog output and RS-232.
  • Pressure correct: Programmable pressure correction button.


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