Cembre B-TC650-SCA Battery Powered Hydraulic Tool

Cembre B-TC650-SCA Battery Powered Hydraulic Tool

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Product Overview: Cembre B-TC650-SCA Battery Powered Hydraulic Tool

Cembre B-TC650-SCA – The next generation of Cembre cordless hydraulic tools represents a significantly advantageous evolution from current models.

B-TC650-SC is specifically designed for cutting copper, aluminium and telecommunication cables having a max overall diameter of 2-9/16”.

New Li-Ion 18 V 4 Ah batteries offer a higher capacity than the previous 14.4 V 3 Ah, while greater cutting speed and cutting force result from a revitalised hydraulic system with double speed action: a fast advancing speed for rapid approach of the blades to the cable and a slower more powerful speed for cutting.

The head’s ability to pivot up to 180 deg  makes for ease of use in confined spaces.
The blades are manufactured from high strength special steel, heat treated to ensure a long service life.
The open head and the ‘scissor’ movement of the blades facilitate the cutting of running cables.

Fitted with a maximum hydraulic pressure valve; a display on battery  indicates the residual power.
Designed with improved balance, B-TC650-SC is easily manageable during the cutting process and, by the use of bi-component plastics, has a shell with high resistance to wear and damage.

Rubber grip inserts, low noise and minimal vibration aid operator comfort while additional convenience and safety are provided by LED lighting of the working area.

The working hours are automatically stored on a memory card for transfer to PC by USB interface.

The tool is supplied as:

  • Basic tool with battery and shoulder strap
  • Spare battery
  • AC charger (110V)
  • Metal carrying case suitable for storing the tool and accessories

Technical characteristics


Type of action


Maximum cutting diameter

2.56 in.


19.8 in.


4.13 in.


18.27 in.



Battery current

4 Ah

Battery voltage

18 V

Battery material


Min application temperature

5 °F

Max application temperature

122 °F


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