Buckingham 17908 ErgoLite™ Tower Harness

Buckingham 17908 ErgoLite™ Tower Harness

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Product Overview: Buckingham 17908 ErgoLite™ Tower Harness


This Ergonomic, lightweight “Y” style harness is the first harness that offers the ability to adjust the fit of the belt and the harness separately. This harness features a web bridge that allows the user to comfortably and ergonomically sit for suspension work. Unlike typically suspension connections, it splits the user’s weight between the legs and back so the entire amount of weight isn’t focused on the back. It also can be used as a connection point for work positioning. The Y style harness design articulates over the shoulders allowing greater ability for user to move and not be restricted.  The user also benefits from the Ergonomic features built into the belt with assistance from C.O.R Ergonomic Solutions.


Features and benefits include:

Lumbar pad for ideal back support.

Elastic abdominal stabilizer to maintain continual pressure and proper positioning of the Lumbar Pad.

Dee ring distributing pads to distribute the pressure from the heel of the dee ring over a greater area.

Four inline Aluminum D Rings

Aluminum dorsal dee ring and a pig tail for attachment and rescue.

Dorsal chest D ring for fall restriction on rope grabs and easy rescue attachments.

Side and chest adjustments to for a custom fit of the harness and belt.

Tool loops and pouch tabs.


Quick connect buckles for easy adjustments and ease of donning.


Great for Suspension Work and Positioning.


Batten seat option available.


Order Model 17907 for Tower Harness with 2 dee rings.