Blue Stripe™ Telescopic Hot Stick 20′

The BLUE STRIPE™ TELESCOPIC HOT STICK 20′ and its “Blue Stripe” ensures effortless button and hole alignment. With a “Tip-Lock” double wall top section, it offers ultimate stiffness when needed. This high-quality fiberglass stick exceeds OSHA and ASTM standards.

  • Hot stick probe end allows for easy opening of cutouts and switches
  • Experience the lightest weight and sturdiest stick on the market
  • Available in various lengths to suit your needs
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Product Overview: Blue Stripe™ Telescopic Hot Stick 20′


  • Exclusive ”Blue Stripe” to permit easy alignment of buttons and holes
  • Incorporates a ”Tip-Lock” double wall top section for maximum stiffness when required
  • Comes supplied with a hotstick probe end for opening cutouts and switches
  • Meets and exceeds all applicable OSHA and ASTM performance standards
  • Made with the highest quality fiberglass and most modern manufacturing technique resulting in the stiffest stick and light weight
  • Available lengths: (16′, 20′, 25′, 30′, 35′, 40′, or 45′)