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Biddle / AVO / MEGGER DLRO10X Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Biddle / AVO / MEGGER Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter contact resistance tester

Rent the Biddle / AVO / MEGGER DLRO10X Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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  • Small, lightweight and portable

  • Four terminal resistance method shows the true resistance of
    the item under test

  • Auto current reversal cancels standeing emfs

  • Protected to 600V

  • Multiple operating modes including fully automatic

  • Alpha-numeric keypad for entering test notes

  • User selectable high and low limits

  • Printer output and memory

  • Bright LCD displays are easily visible

  • Automatically applies forward and reverse currents which cancel
    out standing voltages across the sample under test

  • Checks for undue noise during measurement

  • Automatically detects continuity in P and C circuits

  • Battery module has a battery condition indicator

  • RS232 connector allows downloading of results in real time or stored for later retrieval


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