Beta 130 Frequency Calibrator

Beta Frequency Calibrator

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Product Overview: Beta 130 Frequency Calibrator


  • Rechargable, battery powered
  • Designed to measure and simulate most common electrical signals
  • Simultaneously measure, output and display any two input or output signals
  • Can function as a transmitter simulator
  • Will power 4 – 20 mA transmitters for bench calibration
  • Provides accurate digital pressure gauge capability
  • Big 2-Line LCD Display
  • Can be programmed to pause between each calibration point output
  • Able to display input readings as a percent of scale
  • Input and Output can also be compared and the percent error between them displayed
  • Damp feature to electronically dampen noisy input signals for easier reading
  • Totalize function provides pulse counting capabiltiy and simplifies the calibration of flow transmitters used in low flow level applications
  • Built in programmable Ramp Generator
  • Trip Detect function
  • Continuous storage of min and max input readings

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