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BAHCO 3045V-1 Insulated Tool Set

BAHCO 3045V-1 Insulated Tool Set

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  • Tool set with a basic assortment of insulated tools, 10 pcs
  • For work on live equipment up to 1000 volts
  • In leather briefcase with metallic reinforcements


1000V Tools

Product Code                        Description

2171V-160                  Side Cutting Pliers

2678V-180                  Combination Pliers

2223V-150                  Wire Stripping Pliers

BE-8220S                   9′ Slotted ergo Screwdriver, 12 Tip

BE-8040S                   8 34′ Slotted ergo Screwdriver, 532 Tip

BE-8050S                   8 34′ Slotted ergo Screwdriver, 732 Tip

BE-8610S                   8′ Phillips ergo Screwdriver, PH 1

BE-8620S                   8 34′ Phillips ergo Screwdriver, PH 2

2820VP                       Knife with Straight Blade

SC127V                      Electrician Scissors

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