Amprobe ST102A Socket Tester

Amprobe ST102A Socket Tester with GFCI

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Product Overview: Amprobe ST102A Socket Tester

Amprobe ST 102A Socket Tester with GFCI


  • Test GFCI breakers for proper wiring and operation
  • Easy to read light indicators show common wiring problems
  • Confirm GFCI socket is wired for protection
  • GFCI circuit trips to confirm tester is working
  • For use on 110-125 V AC

  F E A T U R E S

Warranty:     90 Days
Safety:     UL and cULus
Instruction Manual:     Yes
Detailed Specs:     Yes
Hi-Resolution Image:     Yes

  S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

Rated Operating Voltage:   110 – 125 V AC
Wattage:   0.3W
Actuator:   Black button
Indicator:   Red LED
Indicator:   Lamps Three, incandescent
Lamp Lens Colors:   One red, two amber
Six Conditions Indicated:   Open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/ground reverse hot/neutral reverse, correct