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Amprobe DM-II Power Quality Analyzer

Amprobe Power Quality Analyzer

Rent the Amprobe DM-II Power Quality Analyzer

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  • Comes as a complete kit, CT’s and PC software are included with product
  • Works with single and three phase systems (Y and delta)
  • Capable of recording all parameters (single or three phase) simultaneously
  • All readings are True RMS (TRMS)
  • User selectable rates allow recording from one hour to several months
  • Five built-in selectable languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian
  • Readings and charts can be viewed on the DM-II LCD screen or downloaded to a PC
  • Intuitive, very easy to use, Windows compatible PC software
  • Line or battery powered


  • AC Voltage: 0 – 600V ±(1.0% Rdg + 3 LSD)
  • AC Current:1 – 1000A (expandable to 3000A with optional CT’s) ±(1.0% Rdg + 3 LSD)
  • Power: Working (W), Reactive (VAR) and Apparent (VA)
  • Power Factor: 0 -1
  • Energy: kWh
  • Peak Demand: kW
  • Fundamental Frequencies: 50/60Hz
  • Available Recording Time: 1 hour to several months depending on setup




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